The Yoga Struggle is Real: Road to AC70.3

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The gym is absolutely packed with new year's resolution go-getters (GET AFTER IT!!) However, it is REALLLLLY screwing up my workout flow.

Despite the hectic YMCA, sometimes you gotta deal with the cards dealt and do whatever necessary to get it done. So that's what I did. I squeezed in an almost quick mile and then headed to yoga class. Fashionably late because I went to the wrong classroom, into yoga I went.

Yoga is seriously my real life torture chamber. I have ZERO flexibility and I haven't had any my  entire life. I'm no where close to touching my toes and Taylor has no idea how I was a gymnastic growing up (lets just say my splits and handstands were never straight but I still won first place in the all-around competition.) Enough down memory lane, back to today. Right, right, yoga is torture. I find no calm or peacefulness in the practice ... I sweat like a pig, my body shakes.  I hurt, I'm sore.

BUT, let me throw this in, I'm really starting to enjoy the challenge and I really think it will help with my flexibility and my stretching. I'm in it to win it. Plus, the meditation at the end is always my favorite. (I started a new year's meditation challenge...Ill post about that another time.)

Run - Yoga - Run was Tuesday's workout and mission complete.

On to the next day.

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