Fight The Food: Road to AC70.3

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How many of us can relate: We just had an 8+ hour work day, we know we need to get to the gym to get a good workout in and then we realize we didn't meal prep for dinner. You get in your car after your awesome workout and you just say to yourself, "I'm too tired, I'll just go pick something up." The "go pick something up" usually means fast food or something of poor quality. Say goodbye to the 1500 calories you just burned.

I am the first one to say I am guilty of this...tonight was ALMOST one of those nights -- I was debating between Saladworks and Wendy's because they are both easy stops on my way home.

And then as I put my car into drive I said NO AMANDA!!! Stop being a lazy turd and go home and make food. MAKE THE SMART DECISION, AMANDA.

My eating habits are not great -- I  can work out has hard as I want, but exercise will NEVER outweigh an awful diet. I've been heavy and Ive been thin. I know what it takes to lose weight and get to my fittest ability. But it doesn't come without WORK and smart choices.

Tonight was a victory in my book -- I made the RIGHT choice to make a healthy dinner and not let the inner demon win.

Celebrate the small victories in life -- sometimes they are some of the biggest ones.

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