I is for "I Can't Even"

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ashley Johnson is back again! She has had some amazing posts...I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm liking this :) Ready, set, GO ASH!

Me again! Amanda was kind enough to let me take two letters in a row.

Today, I want talk about the phrase, “I can’t even”

Definitely overused, funny each time I hear it, but are we really being true to ourselves when we say it, or just masking what we really want to say?

Urban dictionary is great for all of those phrases you wonder about when you see them on the internet. Here is the most appropriate definition for my purpose (read the others at your own risk!):

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a friend posted the picture (right) and I thought it was a perfect and hilarious way to put the day to day frustrations into perspective. You can find this image, compliments of Google if you wish to save it for another day.

Venting is such a good way to get things off of your chest and be able to move on with finding a resolution to your issue. 

While we can find a joke on just about anything on the internet, what about the time where you are using this phrase in the most literal sense. 

I can’t do FILL IN THE BLANK_____.

I’ve done it, I think we all have. Completely doubted all of ourselves in one sense or another. 

For example-
-I can’t save enough money to possibly do [blank]
-I can’t continue my education because [blank]
-I can’t run as fast/far/long as [blank]
-I can’t lose weight
-I can’t see myself doing [blank]
-I can’t leave this job 
-I can’t move out of state
-I can’t even imagine doing [blank]
-I can’t possibly get over this break-up
-I can’t even believe someone else would want to date me
-I can’t heal
-I can’t start over
-I can’t deal with change

I’m sure you could write a book on all of the things that you, “literally can’t even.”

Here’s a note to myself and a note to everyone else-

Yes, you absolutely without a doubt can do anything you desire. It does not always come easy and it will not always happen right away. Sometimes there has to be a compromise. There’s no stopping any person who puts their complete mind, body and spirit into what they want to do. Here’s a reminder that it is not too late to look at that list of things you feel you can’t do and find a way. Some progress is better than none and perfection is all in your own perception. 

The internet is great for inspiration, here are two quotes I always like to think of when I feel like I can’t even...

Get out there and own whatever you need to today and every day.

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