B is for Big Boob Runner Problems

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just this weekend while on a run with my Run Club, a few of us ladies were talking about boobs and how much of a struggle they can be in the running world. You need good support, sometimes you need to double your bra up, and the hopes of wearing a cute criss cross back is NO WAY JOSE! When you run you need to be supported, the idea to just go and run around with kids or friends in the backyard is out of the picture because you have the possibility to knock yourself out or when running  it will look like a soft porn video.

This Buzz Feed post could not say it any better! Enjoy! 

19 Reasons Running With Boobs Is The Absolute Worst

It’s like running with dumbbells… only they’re attached to your chest.

If you have boobs of any kind (small, medium, large, whatever), you probably know that running can be actual hell sometimes.

1. You’ll always wonder if these chest accessories are actually slowing you down.


2. And constantly having to stop and readjust is a bitch.

FOX / Via sharegif.com
Isn’t running hard enough on its own??

3. It’s not like you can just go out for an impromptu run — that stuff takes actual preparation.

Brownstone Productions / Via reddit.com

4. It’s literally like running with dumbbells… only they’re attached to your chest.

Warner Bros. Pics / Via minus.com
Warner Bros. Pics / Via minus.com

5. You think you look pretty casual and cool. But you actually look like you’re trying to recreate an episode of Baywatch.

19 Reasons Running With Boobs Is The Absolute Worst
NBC / Via youtube.com

6. Sometimes you turn right and they go left. They pretty much have a mind of their own.

7. And they have a tendency to make any shirt look inappropriate.

Pepsi / Via gifwave.com

8. That constant bouncing makes your chest feel like it could give out at any moment.

19 Reasons Running With Boobs Is The Absolute Worst
Warner Bros. Television / Via reddit.com

9. And it sometimes brings on a few stares. HAVEN’T YOU EVER SEEN RUNNING BOOBS, PEOPLE?

10. Not to mention your back has become an Olympic lifter.

Back, you the real MVP.

11. The most complicated and tumultuous relationship you have is with your sports bra.

Status: It’s complicated.

12. Boob chaffing is something you are VERY familiar with.

13. And boob sweat. ALL OF THE BOOB SWEAT.

14. Sometimes you have to double up for your own safety (and the safety of others).

With great power, comes great responsibility.

15. Which literally feels like you’re wearing a corset.

16. And gives you automatic uni-boob.

MTV / Via reddit.com

17. And when nothing else works, sometimes you just gotta hold ‘em down.

18. Getting out of your sports bra at the end of your run is a workout in and of itself.

19. But at the end of the day, you know you (and your body) are a little stronger for the struggle you just dealt with.

20th Century Fox / Via cheerleaders287.rssing.com
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