Team Dylan does Marine Corps Marathon

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Excuse my French, but holy shit balls -- we're only 200 days away!!!!

I didn’t really make this a huge announcement, but I guess I am now. I am honored, thrilled and yes, a little terrified, to run my THIRD marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon in October. (Shall I mention I'll have another full in November and three half marathons throughout the year.)

What makes this year’s marathon so special is that I will be decked out in my pink & black, running with over 50 Ainsley’s Angels runners AND I will be pushing the one and only TEAM DYLAN the entire 26.2 miles. You heard me, PUSHING --  spreading the word of INCLUSION along the D.C. streets and representing Ainsley's Angels in Southeast PA!

I am HONORED to participate alongside 49 other athlete riders at this year’s race and I'm blessed to know that Dylan will be pushing me (and most likely yelling at me to go faster, he's competitive) the entire 26.2 miles.

Training for marathons are tough -- the miles and hours you spend on your feet are harsh over an 18 week span. But this years training will be NOTHING like my training plans in the past. This year for my training runs I plan on pushing one of our Freedom chairs during training runs, adding weight to the seat the equates to Dylan. (roughly 90lbs) So if anyone has any medicine balls  or sandbags they are willing to let me borrow, I'll take them.

All of Ainsley's Angels members who are participating in Marine Corp have a private Facebook group where we motivate each other and talk about successful training. All of this chatter has really put into perspective that I need to start training NOW. Prep my body (physically and mentally) with proper sleep, nutrition and training to help me get through this race in October.

I am so excited for our marathon in October and cant wait to get "up that hill" with my fellow Angels. Be prepared to follow me along this journey the next few months -- Pic's pounding some pavement!

Oh, and I should mentioned because who doesn't love a shameless plug -- Ainsley's Angels of America is a charity partner for the 2016 Marine Corp Marathon. Each runner and rider needs to fundraise to participate in this race. If you're willing to make a donation to help Dylan and me be present at this race, we would greatly appreciate it! You can make your donation by clicking here:
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