Love List 2015 (All The Random Big & Small Things That Made 2015 Delightful)

Monday, December 21, 2015

I wanted to end 2015 with a “Top 15 Highlights of 2015” and then I saw my friend, Jessica Lawlor, did a post about her “Love List” of 2015 and I thought that sounded so much more fun to write than ONLY picking 15 things.

2015 was a big year – I traveled, I loved, I ran, I swam, I lived it up as much as I could! It was filled with BIG items and little items, all of which made me a happy girl. Let’s take a look of things I fell in love with and things I learned to love!


I have fallen in love with Twenty One Pilots! I’m keeping my eyes peeled for their 2016 concert circuit and WILL be seeing them live. Mark my word.

Italian music – I’ve been watching too much of The Sopranos (see below)…. I can not understand a single word but I just love it.

Nike Running Tempo Mix on Spotify. AWESEOME stuff…great beats, new artists and always there to help push me through a training run or race.


2015 was the year of Snapchat…while I’m not the heaviest snapper per say, I do enjoy following along with people throughout their evening to see what fun (or trouble) they are getting themselves into to.

I love Instagram. I think it is my favorite social media platform. Here are some of my favorite people I followed in 2015:
@Kellykkroberts – this is the most entertaining runners you will EVER follow in your life. From taking selfies with hot guys along the NYC half to now quitting her job and running/blogging full time, Kelly Roberts is one of the most hilarious individuals of all time. I want to be her friend. Waah. Oh, and don’t forget to follow her awesome friend, Greg, at @NYCsweat

@RunTriMom – Stephanie is an IRONMAN, mother of two boys and pure badass. I love following her account because she is SO REAL. She tells you to make goals, chase after them and #DreamReallyFeakingBig…that is her motto. I love that motto because she is right, if you put your mind to something you CAN accomplish ANYTHING!

@HappyTriGirl – I love Instagram because of the photos and this girl has some AMAZING photos. I even commented to her asking if she uses her iPhone or GoPro…she said mostly GoPro. I think I need one for my birthday (cough cough Taylor) to capture my running adventures.

@Benstig8r – This is a fellow runner, Ben. Not too sure where I remember seeing Ben on social media, but I started following him because I realized he run LOTS of the same reason. He was great to  follow this year as he had a goal of running “52 in 52.”


The Sopranos – what took me so long to watch this series. Taylor and I have been binge watching and we’re almost through season two. I now know where my dad gets half of his lingo from.

Game of Thrones – I was slow on this show too but boy am I glad we marathoned it and finished it in a little over a month. Too bad I have to wait until three months until it comes back on again…we should have spaced it out better.

E:60 -  Who knew an ESPN show could make an individual cry so much. I love the E:60 episodes – my  favorite episode was “Derby & Rookie: The Trenton Thunder Batdogs”….get ready to cry like a baby.


Chipotle … Taylor James, I hate you for really introducing me to this. I am obsessed. The end.

The Mill – it has reopened and luckily for me it is directly across the street from my work. mwwuahahaha If you haven’t checked it out yet since it opened, you better head over. Awesome new look and amazing food.

Henning’s Salad buffet – another one of my lunch time “go to” spots with my Work Wife, Blair. The price is dangerous for take out, but to eat in with the buffet, so worth it!


21 Day Fix – I was introduced to this BeachBody program early in 2015 and due to cost I couldn’t afford it. Luckily I saved up my pennies and went after it back in October. I am so glad I did! It is a wonderful program that teaches the important of eating proper amounts, 30 minute workouts per day and group accountability. Reach out if you’d like to join our challenge group in January 2016.

15 races in 2015 – I had a goal early in the year for myself I run 15 races in 2015. I didn’t run 15 but I did run 10!

Joined the Ainsley’s Angels Family – everything happens for a reason and joining the Ainsley’s Angels family is exactly what I needed in my life. I started the first chapter in the state of PA and we kick off in 2016. I would love for you to join us!!

Sandy Hook Iron Girl Triathlon – I completed my first triathlon! I know 2016 is going to be even better as I am already signed up for two next year!!! Oh did I mention I have any amazing suit for next race season as well…

For the first time ever I was a race spectator. It is super fun to be on the other end during a race.  I yelled and cheered and split my fingers open from ringing a cow bell so loud!

I ran my first half marathon without headphones. While this may not sound like a big deal, for some runners it is (like myself.) Sometimes you hear yourself breathe and get mentally distracted. Luckily because of my Run Club I don’t need music anymore. It’s good training habit too as you are not allowed to use them in Triathlons.


I moved out of my parents’ house! It’s been 6 months and I can’t imagine life any other way now. I have the best roomie possible and we haven’t killed each other which is a bonus :)

I organized my first (huge) fundraising event – I’ve helped with events here and there but none of the size of Superheroes United for Kids at my work. While it was overwhelming, gave me chest and arm pains, and restless nights, it was so worth it. I’m  glad I have a year under my belt and can make this year go much smoother than last.

Went to my first race car competition – this summer I went with Taylor’s family to New Jersey to see my first race car competition. Holy loudness, but it sure was fun to scream and cheer on random strangers.

Visited my best friend in LA – seeing Julia and Jasa over July was an amazing trip. We got to explore, see several cities, enjoy the California sun  and dream of moving out there for good. I hope to one day make that happen.

I booked a SOLO international trip – I am seeing Liam and his family for 12 days next March. I can’t wait to travel across the big pond and meet them all. 85 days and counting, it is going to be one of the most magical experiences of my life!

Went to my first college football tailgate – Loyola didn’t have football so coming from a big high school, it was weird not having the sport. I luckily experienced my first tailgate at the Temple v. Penn State game this fall. Thumbs up, you guys know how to do it well, I’m jealous.

2015 you were good…but I know 2016 will be even better!

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