V is for Victoria

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My bestest buddy at work is Blair. She's an amazing worker, keeps me laughing and she's an amazing mama. I went into her office the other week and she started telling me about her trip to Mexico with her hubby and how she is preparing her Mom and Dad to watch her one-year-old daughter, Victoria.

Sitting on her desk was a packet of information: a timeline of what to eat, what to do, hospital addresses, emergency numbers, etc. She told me to go ahead and read through it. I literally laughed my ass off and asked if I could share it on my blog. She of course said sure. I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of it like I did.

Victoria in a Nutshell
4 days with the Princess

Schedule (sleep/food):
Wake: typically she wakes around 5:30 am- you can let her lay in bed as long as you like,
 sometimes she does go back to sleep

·       Upon waking Victoria likes to receive an 8oz bottle of child whole milk
·       After she finishes the milk she gets half a waffle or French toast (both in freezer- toaster oven or micro)
·       Around 7:30/8:00 Victoria likes to have her 3rd breakfast of a sliced banana

Morning Nap: this happens on the weekends around 9/10am and could last up to 2 hours
·       Upon waking from this nap Victoria likes a chilled cup of milk (pink sippy cup with blue label)
·       She also gets her first snack at this point
·       Snack options include: pumpkin muffins, zucchini muffins, strawberries, yogurt, raisins, granola, goldfish, etc.- the only items that can be combined are the raisins, granola and goldfish… you might think a parfait is a good ideas… but it’s not.  She drinks water for the rest of the day from the pink sippy cup with pink label. 
Lunch: around noon
·       I try to give her protein and veggie options along with a food pack.
·       Food packs are in the cabinet with snack food in a basket
·       Chicken nuggets, broccoli nuggets/bites and sweet potato nuggets are my go to (located in freezer).  I will sometime steam carrots with cinnamon/sugar and a little butter, same with sweet potatoes (although we don’t have any of those).  She likes cucumbers without the skin (I think she prefers bigger slices rather than little bites)

Afternoon nap: If she takes a morning nap this nap will happen a little later like from 2:00-3:00pm; if not she will nap from 12:30/1:00 until 3pm. 
·       After this nap she will take her second snack (same options as first snack)

:  this is also known as the bane of my existence.  She will sometimes eat dinner and sometimes just eat snack food or bread.  She doesn’t like any spreads on her bread other than butter, which if she actually can see on the bread she won’t eat.  There is pita bread, wheat bread, bagels and English muffins in the bread drawer.  Don’t bother with grilled cheese, she just sucks the butter off the bread and eats around the cheese.  There are also crescent rolls in the fridge, she loves these and sometimes I’ll fold in some spinach and cheese and she eats them up.  She also loves edamame.  The issue with this is she does not chew them so her diaper the next day consists of full sized edamame which I feel like cannot be good for her digestive track. 

Bedtime:  Victoria typically goes down around 6:30/7:00 but may stay up later with you guys there. 
·       I bathe her every other night before bed, with her current schedule she’ll need a bath Thursday and Saturday.  Her wash clothes are in the guest bathroom in the drawer closest to the bath tub and towels are in the hall linen closet (there is currently one hanging behind the door).  I put the flower pad down to kneel on while she is in there.  She prefers her water at a comfortable 90 degrees, but won’t complain if it’s off a few degrees. 

·       She loves to have her teeth brushed.  Her toothbrush and toothpaste are in the guest bathroom.  
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