Wedding Wake Up

Monday, August 24, 2015

I head to every wedding with tissues in my purse. This weekend’s wedding was no different.

I’m a big cry baby at every wedding. Tears flow from the second the bride walks down the aisle…I regroup myself…and then cry again the second vows are said. I’m a mush. I had to read at the ceremony on Saturday and don’t ask me how I got through it holding it together. I’m still questioning it myself!

But I can’t help it. Weddings make me so incredibly happy. To be able to sit in my seat and watch a union between two special people is a precious gift to view. I’m thankful to be there. And I’m even happier that two of my friends are the happiest they’ve ever been in their lives.

Finding your soul mate is a gift in itself. 

As humans we wait our whole lives to find an individual that we trust and want to build a future with. Someone you’re willing to open yourself completely to, letting them love you for your flaws and you loving them for theirs. Some people wait a lifetime, some people never find that person, and those lucky enough to find their better half live happily ever after as the fairy tales say.

Love is a precious gift I hope all of us get to experience in our lifetime – and more importantly, don’t take for granted. Sometimes we take our significant others, family and friends for granted, getting use to normal day-to-day interactions with our daily routines, our daily kisses and daily ‘I love you’s.’

But as my dear friend Stephanie reminds us (she was at a wedding this weekend as well)…“Ya know, sometimes when you go to a wonderful wedding it reminds you how lucky you are to have landed a great guy [your gal] yourself.”

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