I'm Mad, Real Mad

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This morning before work I read an article that pissed me off....I mean REALLY pissed me off. I wanted to blog first thing in the morning, but I decided to sit on it and cool down from the anger. But nearly 12 hours later, I'm still pissed. This morning I came across an article titled "No Marathon For Me, Thanks: Five Reasons She's Opting Out" on Zelle. (Read it, it's a quick read)

It had to do with running,  so it clearly caught my eye, so I clicked away. What I thought was going to be a fun little read had my blood pressure boiling with each paragraph read. (Did you read it yet?)

Now some of you may have read it as, okay she lists her reasons. What's the big deal? Everyone is allowed to have reasons not to run a marathon, which I completely agree with. HOWEVER, her reasons are excuse my french, bullshit. To me I read this as a huge cope out and excuse filled blog post...here is my reasoning.

1.) OPRAH: Ever since Oprah ran the Marine Corps Marathon (with her time of 4:29:20) in 1994, marathons have been about completion... Forget a competitive time—the point of running 26.2 miles could simply be … to finish?   Isn't completion what a race is all about? Who cares if your first marathon means to cross the finish line...who cares if that's the way you look at your third marathon. I WISH I could finish in the time of Oprah. Because I was slower than her, does that mean I'm not a justified marathoner?? (two times mind you). To discredit individuals for what they have done and what they have gone through is absolute bullshit. According to this, those 18-weeks of training and the sweat and tears really didn't mean anything because I didn't cross the finish line FIRST nor beat Oprah. Hey JoAnna, I'm an all-or-nothing girl myself and I damn well put everything out there on Nov. 21st.

2.) THE ME-ME-ME SHOW: Isn't this post all about her-her-her? So what if we Instagram our trails, or Facebook ourselves during a mid-run or talk about running on social media? I read about friends having babies, getting engaged, taking a dump and I love it all. They are posting about things they love!! Quite frankly I think some of my posts inspire people here at there to get off there ass and move. (I know so because I've seen comments and I LOVE knowing that.) I'm helping someone and someone is helping me. So sorry JoAnna - I'll continue to post about me-me-me and blog about me-me-me. If you don't like it, unfollow me. Buh-bye.

3.) NOTHING TO PROVE: I personally think training for ANY race has LOTS to prove. To prove you're physically strong enough to take on a challenge. To prove to yourself that you're mentally strong enough. And most importantly to prove that you didn't give up to something you committed to. So what us long distance runners go out for two hours. Those are two hours where I am completely enjoying myself and bettering myself. My two hours of running are someone else's two hours of painting. Is that a waste of time for them also?

4.) KNEES AND HEART: Last time I checked physical activity is beneficial to your whole well being. Right? If not, school has been lying to me since I was 5!!

5.) THE JOYS OF MODERATION: We're not promised a tomorrow so you better give it your all while you can. Again, another cope out.

Running a marathon is a BIG deal...and she's right, it takes lots of time, lots of determination, lots of energy. She nailed that right on the head and she could have been brief with her reasoning saying those few things. But to belittle other runners and make us feel like our reasonings and accomplishments aren't good enough -- that's where this article stings. And quite honestly, I don't think she would make it through the training because she's not mentally tough enough.

The running community has been one of the most accepting, open armed groups of individuals I have EVER surrounded myself with. But in every group there is always a sour apple. This just goes to prove that you can't let one hater bring the group down as a whole. Each and every runner should be proud of their accomplishments. I hope JoAnna is proud of every finish line she crossed. But maybe next time she thinks about blogging she won't be so judgemental and rude to runners of all kinds, from the experienced runner to the recreational runner. Her article could detour someone who is considering to pick up running from never wanting to step out the door.

Don't ever think that way -- us runners love all of you. Lace up your shoes and join us. It will change your life forever - marathon or no marathon.

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