Get Gutsy: Go On The Radio

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My friend Jessica Lawlor shares every day on her blog about #gettinggutsy and after entering her Get Gutsy Essay Contest, I started making note of things I'm doing in my everyday life that are a bit on the gutsy side.

For instance, I had a 'get gutsy' experience just yesterday morning, I was on the radio!

Working in media I loved being face to face with individuals, learning their stories, using my words to tell their stories. But readers only new me as a byline unless they followed me on social media and could associate the name and face. I was hidden behind a byline.

So recording a PSA at WNPV and knowing my voice will be on the radio is a little awkward to me! When I listen to talk radio or my usual radio personalities on my drive into work, I always wonder what people look like. I wonder if people will think the same about me. EKK! Will I sound funny? Did I rush? Did I stutter?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous sitting in the recording room with the mic in front of me -- my palms were sweaty, hands were shaking holding the script. But I got gutsy, read nice and slow and BAM - in one recording, our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance PSA was recorded and Miss Piccirilli is your newest radio personality (I kid, I kid.)

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