Fifteen in 2015

Sunday, December 7, 2014

When in comes to my fitness, I like to set goals.

They keep you in check, they keep you working hard towards an end point and honestly, this is how my mind works to keep me motivated. With the marathon being over, my mind is already thinking "what is next."

Do I want to run another marathon? Do I want to run a half marathon this Spring? We're three weeks away from 2015 and I'm already starting to look ahead at my running calendar. I've put much thinking into it and I know what I want to accomplish next year.

So what I created for myself is Fifteen in 2015 -- in 2015 I will run 15 races throughout the entire calendar year. I will run at least one race each month, and obviously multiple in some months to make up the extra three.

Fifteen in 2015 has some guidelines I have created for myself:

  • The race distance must be a 5k, 8k, 10k, 10-miler, half marathon or marathon; also allowed is a Sprint Triathlon.
  • Races may be an IRun4 Virtual Race or a certified road race (example: your local 5k race in town.)
  • The runs must be outside. 
  • At least half of the races (7) must be a race I have never ran before.
  • This is not mandatory but I have a goal for at least half of the races (7) I bring someone with me who I have either:
    1. never ran a race with before
    2. someone who is a new runner/never completed a race before
    3. OR a fellow runner friend who I have ran with before but it has been a while
I am SOOOO excited for this challenge and I am of course looking for race suggestions. Do you have any? Want to run one of my 15 races with me -- please let me know! Don't be shy! I'd be happy to share my training schedule programs and give as much advise as possible.

 Up next....saving money to pay for all of these races and making my running calendar for the year.
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