Transformation Thursday - Its been 365 Days

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I can't believe I sit here today and its been 365 since I started my journey of becoming fit and healthy Amanda. I made the choice on September 4, 2013 to get my life in order and take control again over a forever struggling issue. Why it took me so long in life to get to this point, I'm not too sure, but there is no point on dwelling on the past. I am making an effort every day to better myself and the others around me.

I made the choice to change my lifestyle after being haunted by pictures of myself and the awfulness I felt each and every day from being physically out of shape and in bad health. The choice to better myself has been the best decision of my life.

Over the last 12 months lots of people have asked what I've been doing and I always seem to give the same answers.

ADIOS COCA COLA: Coke is the devil and it had me wrapped around its finger every single day. I had at least one coke every single day for I honestly don't know how long. Over the years I tried giving it up during Lent (which I'm not even Catholic I did it for moral support with my BFF Sarra), and I had success with it, but the day Lent was over, I would crack a can right on open! ::gulp, gulp, gulp::: There is NOTHING in this world like getting an ice cold coke from the fountain at Wawa or 7-11. So much better than the can and a million times better than a bottle. And lets admit, we've all been completely hungover and stopped at McDonalds for one. In college after our training sessions (whether it was 7 a.m., noon or 2 p.m.) I ALWAYS craved a soda after practice and would get one. I was in need of the sugar and it quenched my thirst. I was honestly addicted. And last September I knew I had to let go of it....not ween off it or give "cheats" on the weekend. It needed to be gone, FOREVER. And so it has been. Cold turkey, bye bye coca cola. My last cola was on September 3 during Taylor's birthday dinner. While I still crave it after an intense workout at the gym, I've not let myself slip and I don't miss it at ALL. My days are now filled with water...lots and LOTS of water. My face/skin is so much clearer and it really does help with my appetite. Moral of this story, STOP DRINKING COKE!!!

GOODBYE ICE CREAM: Just like coke, I use to eat ice cream almost every single day. Not just one scoop in a coffee mug....a bowl, three scoops piled high -- sometimes I would melt the ice cream a little bit in the microwave to make it soupy-ish and crunch of pretzels to dip inside there. Hi I'm Amanda, and I love ice cream. Yes, I do, I really do. I'd like to say I've cut it out completely, but lets be honest, I'm human. I can however say that in the last 12 months, I have had ice cream roughly 10 times. THAT IS IT. Say whattt?!!?! Everyone deserves a treat here and there and mine is ice cream. It's amazing, but I'll admit my body feels SOOO much better in the morning after not having a bowl of it in my belly all night. I love you ice cream, I will never part ways completely!! (Side note: ice cream was a huge calcium intake for my body for manyyyy years. How sad is that. I never really liked drinking milk by the glass or cheese/put cheese on anything. Since giving up ice cream, I crave cheese like NO OTHER. I put it on my sandwiches now and like to just nibble on a few slices in the fridge. Random, yes, but a pretty interesting note that my body craves calcium now.)

MORE INTENSE WORKOUTS: I tell people all the time I was an athlete growing up so I understand the physical and mental demands of pushing your body/yourself. But I had gained so much weight that I could not physically work that hard. Since dropping a few pounds, my workouts are so much more intense. I am working harder, moving faster and sweating so much more. Before when I would only have a few beads of sweat on my forehead, I am now a soaking wet beast. Is it attractive? Not at all, but I know I'm working as hard as my body will physically allow it. I'm pushing myself to new levels and it has allowed me to start this amazing running journey where I think I can now consider myself a runner. Am I a runner? I think? Whole other blog post...

HEALTH/WELLNESS COACHING: You all know about Emily who I have blogged about several times before. But to say it again, IT'S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP. We might want to change, but we can't do everything alone. And that's okay. Reach out to someone who is educated and who can get you on the right track when it comes to your health and wellness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Emily. You are the one who really got things kick-started for me and I am forever grateful for your friendship.

Most importantly...I'M COMMITTED: I feel like I've always given up on things. I'd create a challenge for myself and half way through I'd say eyyy whatever, this is good enough. I made a commitment to myself, that for 365 days I would give it my all and try my hardest. So here I stand today, pretty freakin' proud of myself and all of the hardwork I've put in. My mom reminds me all that time that it is easy to fall off the deep end and go back to the way you were. But I will not allow it. I hope to keep myself accountable with eating good foods and working out hard. Food is my biggest issue, I am fully aware of it and I know even 5 months ago I was eating alot healthier than I am now. I need to refocus on the food aspect of life. But this is where I need YOU, my friends, to keep on pushing me for the years to come. This is a nice life I'm living and I'm ready to continue it. But I know I can do better! While I push ME, I hope you will allow me to push YOU to the next level.

Thank you ALL for all of the support and encouragement you have sent me week after week, month after month. I've read every comment and seen every "Like" you have selected. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I'm sorry to everyone who has been annoyed about Transformation Tuesday/Thursday pictures, but I do take pride in my effort. But you - those who are annoyed - will be happy to hear that I will not mention, take pictures or blog about my health journey. You will, however, have to suffer by looking at my running pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry. :)

My goal for the next 365 days -- continue to push myself through obstacles I know I can overcome. I can improve my eating habits and I can always create new physical goals. I don't want to slip up ever again. I don't want to be that old Amanda. I like the new Amanda better. 
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