Three In One - September Challenge

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I’ve had a few busy days so today I’m cramming a few posts in to one for the September Blogging Challenge.

September 9: OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
I unfortunately do not have an outfit from what I wore to work, but I DO have my outfit I wore to the gym that day because I am always sending pictures to Liam of our workouts that day. Here I am in my FAVORITE Nike running pants and my favorite Nike Legend Tank Top (I have it in about 4 colors and want MORE!!!) That day we ran a 4 mile treadmill workout and also did a Kettlebell Circuit! Great workout that night!

September 10: A Day in the Life
I’d like to say most of my days are pretty eventful, however, yesterday was pretty relaxed. Did my typical 7-3 work day and then I was soooo excited to go home and do NOTHING. Marathon training is REALLY starting to take a toll on my body – my legs are feeling it and so is my energy level.  So with yesterday as a rest day I did just that – rest! I sat on the couch for hours and watched ’12 Years a Slave.’ If you have not seen it, you NEED to watch it. Great movie – completely worth every Oscar they received.

September 11: Make A Wish
Today I would not like to make a wish for myself but a wish for others. My wish is that everyone who has been affected by the September 11th attacks has a day full of remembrance, peace and comfort as this day is no easier than it was 13 years ago. I will never forget sitting in my 9th grade English class as the two towers were struck. My heart goes out to each of you today!!  I hope you will one day find peace.

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