8 Things I Love About Myself (September Challenge)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Boy, this blog challenge has me going from one extreme to another -- what I want to improve to what I love about myself. (hahaha).  Whether Gracie Gordon meant to or not, this challenge has me keeping things reaaalllll - with you all and with myself. So here we go, eight things I love about myself...

1. Sense of Humor - I think I'm pretty freakin funny...my entire family is funny, I was born with the funny genes. Since high school I've always made it a goal to make at least one person laugh every day. I think i've nailed it on the head. :)

2. I make a MEAN chicken parm dish - it's my absolute go to when I get to make dinner for someone. Over the years my cooking skills have improved drastically. I'm going to make some man verryyyyy happy one day.

3. I love to love - as much as I love being loved, I love giving love. Sharing the happiness and joy that comes from it is so rewarding. "The beauty of life does not depends how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you."
4. Ability to motivate others - This is one of the characteristics I've always had with soccer but it seems to be that even though I'm not playing competitively anymore I still do this in my everyday life. Who would have thought!

5. I love that I can motivate myself
- I can keep myself in check and I can keep pushing myself to harder limits. Discipline is key. 

6. I like to shake it and sing -
One of my favorite things is singing and dancing in the car. I have NO shame when someone is starting at me and I'm not afraid to turn up the volume so I can sing louder. 

7. I'm a good mama to Gatsby
- I love my dearest Gatsby and I think i'm a pretty good mama to him. I spoil him and love him to pieces. <3 

8. I've taken control
- I've finally taken control of my life in all aspects. I was in a dark, dark place for a long while and I'm finally myself. It's been amazing and I look forward to what the future holds! 

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