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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hi Liam!!

Being that we are just meeting each other, I thought I'd write a fun blog post telling you a little bit about myself. [and to anyone else who is meeting me for the first time!] I'm going to share a little, but I also rallied up a few of my friends and had them write something about  me that they thought you should know. I hope you enjoy this! Xo

This is Gatsby!
About Me From Me!
• I’m the youngest, I have a sister who is 6 years older then me. Her name is Missy.
• I’m an aunt! I have two nephews (Jack 8 and Max 4) and a niece (Quincy 2). They have me so excited to me a mommy some day!
• I’ve been a jock my entire life, playing endless sports but I focused in on soccer - playing at some of the highest levels and attending a D1 school - Loyola College in Maryland. Oh I should add, I was a goalkeeper. I still play soccer today, it’s so much fun!
• One point during my career I was a journalist where I got to write lots and LOTS of cool stories. (You can see some of them here – click here). I now currently work in Marketing and PR at a country club. I love to write hence why I have this blog, I hope you're ready to be all over it :)
• I have a dog named Gatsby, he’s a 6lb. yorkiepoo and the most loyal soul in my life.
• I love taking pictures!
• My favorite foods are ice cream and French fries. Yummy!
• I am silly 99% of the time always trying to make people smile.
• My biggest pet peeve – awful drivers :)

About Me From My Friends
Pic is (I've been calling her Pic since 1999, so she'll always be Pic to me, even when she gets married) one of the kindest, most beautiful, and funniest people I know. I can always count on her to make me laugh and even banter back and forth with the occasional movie quote. She is a huge inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with and I can't think of a better person to be paired with for the I Run 4 program!!
Amanda is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking, beautiful woman who is dedicated to her passions, motivated to make change and an amazingly talented friend! She cares so much about others and about making a difference, I'm inspired by her every day!
We've been buds since pee wee soccer and early in elementary school I knew her (and Jess Waldron) were the most athletic girls by leaps and bounds.  She has an "Italian" personality, meaning she's high energy, loves to laugh, and always talks with her hands. I wish I was as talented/creative as she is with her blog and coming up with topics I write about that are interesting, yet the articles are quick enough to read at lunch. She is the most determined person I know.
Pic is a person who has been in my life for close to 10 years now. She is funny, smart, STUBBORN :), enthusiast and of course, strong! Although she might not know this, she pushes those around her to be better and challenge themselves every day. Her loyalty to those close to her is indescribable and I can only imagine how amazing of a run buddy she will be. She's my teammate, MOH, WOH, but most of all she's my best friend :)! Whoever matches with her is lucky to have her, and I know she will feel extremely lucky and blessed to be matched with you!
Although she may pretend it doesn't make her smile, her friends affectionately call her 'Mandee'
• Amanda never shy's away from a challenge - from running a marathon to eating 12 scoops of ice cream to moving to a tiny beach town where she didn't know anyone. I've never known her to say run away from something that's intimidating, only toward it.
• You are so dedicated to everything and everyone in your life, so genuine and so, SO much fun to be around!
• You are fun, dependable with a great sense of humor, and truly an inspiration.
• Amanda is a hardworking and selfless person. She inspires me with her goal setting and determination to keep running. She is very kind and always there to listen.
• Amanda is one of the most compassionate and generous people I know. I have witnessed simple little things that she has reached out to help people with, and I admire her greatly for that. We need more people in the world like her. She is a great friend, she always makes me laugh, and I love that she's never afraid to be silly! "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves", ~James Matthew Barrie
• Athletic, witty and a heart of gold, that's what Amanda is made of :)
• With a heart of gold, and a seriously contagious laugh, one of the most loyal people you will ever come across.
• Amanda is an amazing, encouraging and positive force! You are *extremely* lucky to have her as your buddy! Her motivation will keep you going and pumped to achieve your goals!
• Amanda is an amazingly athletic woman with a wonderful sense of humor; she always knows how to make you smile and laugh.

Well, there ya go! That's me in a nutshell and I can not WAIT to learn more about YOU!! I'm so excited to learn all about each other. So now it's you're turn! What are your favorite foods? Movies? Toys? Super heros? Tell me everything :-D

P.S. thank you to all of my friends who wrote a little something for me. I'm the luckiest girl on the planet to have your by my side! Xox

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