Everyone - Meet Liam!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So many of you have been asking me about Liam and I thought it was only fair for him to have an “About Me” blog post. So everyone, please meet Liam from Kerry, Ireland! (Told by his wonderful mother, Pam!)

Liam is 3 years old and he is the youngest of 4 boys (Shane 15, Conor 10 and Ryan 4)
Liam starts mainstream preschool this September and he is very excited about it.
Liam's favourite colour is blue and he loves Batman, Superman and anything superhero ! He has little figures that he plays with non-stop everyday !!!
Liam uses a walker to get around and he is amazing in it! He plays football, hide and seek and skateboarding in the kitchen with his brothers!
Liam loves baths and splashing :-)
Liam was born with a rare genetic metabolic disorder called Glutaric Aciduria Type 1. This means Liam can't break down parts of protein and it builds up as an acid and attacks the brain. Liam is always at risk from this and at times of illness that risk increases. In our house illness is always very stressful. Liam has an NG tube that we can put down at home for nutrition. But Liam always eats mashed foods throughout the day and does not use a feeding tube thankfully.
Liam has Cerebral Palsy Level 4, Dystonia, Hypotonia, Hypertonia and Epilepsy. Liam is cognitively very bright and has no issues. All of Liam's issues are to do with motor skills therefore he can't talk either.
Saying all that, nothing stops Liam from being the most amazing inspirational tough little cookie I ever met. He pushes himself and works hard every single day. He smiles and laughs all the time.
He loves cuddles, stories and teddy bear picnics.
He is amazing at letting us know what he wants without talking and using sign language.
He is a bright, beautiful, bubbly, happy, little man and we always look forward to what the future holds because we know it will be amazing <3

Want to keep in touch with Liam’s story and his progress? Click here to follow his Facebook page!

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