Did you say Virtual Races?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I’m pretty excited to announce that tonight began my fall race season!! (Sound the trumpets!!) What started out as just two races this fall (The Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon and the Philadelphia Marathon) has quickly turned into 8. Ooohhhh boy, Im pumped and a little crazy.

My races are a mixture of road races and virtual races. I know you're thinking "what is a virtual race?!?" Well let me explain. In my IRun4 group and all over the internet, organizations host Virtual Races in which you sign up, pay the registration fee(usually very cheap) and you're then shipped your medal in the mail. These virtual races are all done on 'Honor System' that you went out yourself and ran/walked a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon depending on what you sign up for. Virtual races are one of my favorite aspects about the IRun4 group because with every registration you get TWO medals...one for you and one for your buddy. At road races you need to email race directors telling them about IRun4 and your buddy in hopes they will give you a second medal (because I'll be honest, I want to keep mine to remember the accomplishment). But with these virtual races it isnt a worry. We do the runs and capture the final product with a post to our buddies. So. much. fun. and very rewarding. I can't wait to run my first one next month!!!

Tonight I ran with my Special Olympics athletes in the Legs for Lindsey 5k at Evansburg State Park. The course was amazing and so pretty to run in the woods along the Skippack Creek.

What's Next? Liam and I have a race every month now through November.
September: Nick Jones Memorial Race Half Marathon (virtual race) and the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon
October: Runners World Festival Hat Trick where I will run the 5k, 10k and half marathon all in one weekend (3 medals, 3 separate races, holy cow! so pumped) and the I Scream, You Scream Half Marathon (virtual race)

Is anyone else running these races? How about virtual races? Have you ever ran one before?
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