Motivation Monday Vol. III

Monday, July 21, 2014

Well… it’s officially here. My 18-week marathon training schedule begins this week!!! (EKK!!) Just like I have been doing, now through November 23 you’re going to see me on the streets pounding pavement and racking up mileage. My entire agenda book is filled with my training runs and my weekend long runs are planned out at specific locations. This time around I’m much more focused and ready to kick ass this fall. My Disney Marathon was a great experience but this one can be better. I know it will be better -- running in MY city with my friends and family to cheer me on. It doesn't get better than that. Cheers to a happy, healthy and injury free training schedule. I can’t wait to see where my body, mind and spirit take me on this journey. The past 10 months have been one hell of an experience.

Last Week Recap:
- I had a solid week of running and completed all of my training runs. I ran Philadelphia’s Color Run on Saturday with a few friends and had a peaceful 6-miler at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown. That park is my absolute favorite to run – I could run there every weekend! My mom even joined me on Sunday morning, she walked while I ran. Happy to see us both get out there. Great job, Marmee!
- Sadly not too much progress with my Kindle but this week I’ll be sure to get some good reading in.
- Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. I treated myself and it was amazing :) Click here to see.

This Week’s Goals
1. It’s an exciting week ahead as my marathon training begins. Mileage is starting to pick up and pace/speed runs are beginning. Training is going to be difficult this week because I’m traveling to Florida to visit my best friend, Caroline. She is a fitness mama herself so I know she’ll be supporting me if I need to run a day or two while I’m down there.
2. Two thumbs up for going to Florida! I can not WAIT to see my best friend and to finally see where she is calling “home” over the last two years. I can’t wait to see her puppy and her house and her new life. It’s truly amazing that no matter how much time passes, you pick right up with your best friend like it was just yesterday when you saw each other. Since forever, until forever my sweet Caroline.

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