Motivation Monday Vol. II

Monday, July 14, 2014

I’m tired. Real tired. Too much running and gunning these days. Part of me thinks I’m over booking myself and then part of me is just happy to be living my life to the fullest. As I always tell Taylor, I’ll sleep when I’m dead! Speaking of tired – on my Friday 6 mile run I was tired. I wanted to give up around mile 2.5. I was ready to get angry at myself and put myself down. I wanted to quit, but I thought about everyone else who can’t run. Those who can’t even stand or are disabled. For the first time in my life I told myself it was okay I wasn’t having a perfect run. I actually took in the atmosphere and soaked in the moment of feeling accomplished that I was out there doing something I love.

There is always a positive outlook on life (which I often have to remind myself of.) You are given the gift to complete certain actions – complete them with pride and with a sense of happiness knowing you are doing something someone else can’t.

Last Week Recap: 
I’m happy to state that I completed all of my goals this week. I ran all of my training runs AND had soccer – logging over 22 miles last week. I had a 6-miler and decided to run that on Friday night instead of one day this weekend. SMART choice, it allowed me to really enjoy my full weekend because I headed to OCNJ for a friend’s birthday. I drank lots of fluids this week and I was even AHEAD on menus this round. Go Amanda, go!

This week’s Goals:
1. Complete all of my training runs – I need to continue getting up extra early before work and running in the morning. My afternoon runs are getting complete but they are not as successful as my morning runs. The heat gets to me in the afternoon.
2. This weekend is the Color Run in Philly. I’ll be attending with a group of friends so it should be a really fun time!
3. I bought a Kindle Fire (woop woop!) I purchased a book last night and of course fell asleep two seconds after purchasing. Hoping to really get into it this week – I really want to pick up my reading game. Do you have any book suggestions? Please leave them in the comment section!

What are your goals this week? Share in the comment section below! Happy Monday friends!

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