La Dolce Vita

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Days like today make me love the fact that I have 'la dolce vita' tattooed on my body.

I without a doubt have the best support system in this entire world. Each and everyday there is at least one of you motivating, supporting or cheering me on in life. Whether its encouragement about work or my running, I always I have the biggest smile on my face knowing I'm loved.

Maybe I am super emotional right now, but two of the littlest things today made me realize that I DO have "the good life" (la dolce vita.)

I honestly could not have asked for a better person to fall in love with because Taylor is the greatest thing to come into my life. He's always encouraging me with my runs and keeps me on point with my health. It's the little things in life that make life so special -- like how tonight he met me at the end point of my run and drove me back to my car from where I started. He could have said no or made plans with friends, but he didn't. He was there, waiting for me, cheering me on as I trotted in. (haha it was a hot one tonight!)

And then there is my best friend Ashley whose house I ran by tonight. Right as I was finishing my run I got a text from her saying "Woohoo! Go Mandee Go!" I run on lots of roads at lots of different times and getting texts and tweets from people with words of encouragement is the greatest thing EVER!!! It never gets old. Ashley also shared with me that she is starting a 5k running program for herself. I could not be more proud of her!!!!
This was yesterday...same dress over a year later. wowza!!

So tonight I'm reminding myself that I HAVE 'the good life' -- I have the best family, the best boyfriend, the best friends and the best support system in the nation. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you ALL! It really does me the world to me.

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