Hello Special Olympics

Friday, July 11, 2014

I am super excited to share that starting next month I will be joining the Montgomery County Special Olympics Long Distance Running and Walking team as a volunteer! Back in May I reached out to Coach Scott asking him about another organization I am apart of (that will be another blog post I can’t wait to share!!!) and he then asked if I wanted to stop by one of the team’s practices.

It was at that practice that I was welcomed into the wonderful world of Special Olympics. Athletes of all ages attended their final practice of the season – some staying fresh for the Special Olympics State Championships the next weekend at Penn State University and others getting in their last workouts of the year.

I have never in my life experienced such a rewarding atmosphere, watching these athletes try their absolute hardest to better themselves in the sport of track and field.

Coach Scott had me assisting at the javelin station where athletes from ages 3 and well over the age of 30 stepped up to the line, dropped their leg back and threw their hardest. Next to me athletes were working on their long jump and others were taking laps around the track working on their team relay. Here is a picture of what the javelins look like for Special Olympics. I was the spotter, so I had to read the distance after every thrower.

Track and Field is a spring/summer sport so this fall I will be working more with long distance runners (cross country) and walkers. I will be assisting with the walker group and Coach Scott informed me that a lot of the athletes are talkers so I’m sure our walks will be amazing. Little do they know I’m a talker as well so we already have something in common!

Thursday practices are at Montgomery County Community College and Sunday practices are at Valley Forge National Park – I’ll only be attending Thursday practices. We also have scheduled competitions and 5k races which I’ll be joining the group in. I can not wait.

Are you looking to volunteer and become a running/walking volunteer like me? Reach out to me and I’ll get you in contact with Scott. I hope one of you will join us this fall!

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