Bestie Pensacola Adventures

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I’m so excited to write this post because it’s full of fun! So as you all know this past weekend I headed to Pensacola to visit Caroline. I had the pleasure of being with her all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and let me tell you, we lived every day to the fullest.

It was a super early morning. My plane took off from PHL at 5:45 a.m. to Atlanta, and quickly I had to jump on my flight from Atlanta to Pensacola. I arrived in Pensacola around 8:30 a.m. and was greeted by Caroline and Miss Kai in the back seat. We headed back to her house where we sat on her couch from 9 a.m. to noon chatting and catching up on life. We were like little school girls, we should have been braiding each other’s hair! Before heading down to visit, I did a little research and found a two-hour Segway tour of Downtown Pensacola. We looked it up and there were openings for the 2 p.m. tour. So we headed downtown and grabbed lunch at the Tin Cow – “Pensacola's Custom Hamburger & Shake Spot.” Oh my gawd was it delicious! CB and I both built our own burger – mine of course had the classics but I also threw on bacon infused potato chips and tried their amazing hand-cut French fries. Nom nom! I opted out for a milkshake or beer, maybe next time though! Feeling 15lbs heavier, we headed to our Segway tour. Lucky for us, we were the only two for the 2 p.m. tour! So CB and I had a private tour with our tour guide, Chris. We mastered our Segway’s and hit the streets seeing monuments and locations including the Blue Wahoos Stadium, Belmont-Devilliers Neighborhood, Fort George, Veteran's Memorial Park, Plaza de Luna, and the spot where Florida was officially handed over from the Spanish to the United States. Very education and very fun, Caroline and I had a blast.

Fitness Friday
I say fitness Friday because Caroline and I were active all day! Me screwed up from the one hour time change and CB use to getting up early, the two of us hit the pavement early on Friday morning around 6:30 a.m. logging a 3-mile run for my marathon training. Note to self: doesn’t matter how early you run, Florida heat and humidity is gross! The next adventure for the day was standup paddle boarding. We headed to Pensacola beach and bought a two hour rental. A little nervous because it was my first time and determined not to fall, paddle boarding was awesome! The ocean water was so warm and waves were not big. We cruised around for a little over an hour and then sat on our boards in the middle of the ocean gabbing away yet again! It was so peaceful out on the water. The view in Pensacola is breathtaking; I couldn’t help but soak it in. We grabbed lunch at a little place called Native Café and went home to hit the showers. Friday night we headed to the Blue Wahoos game – they’re a AA minor league baseball team affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds. The bayfront ballpark was named one of the five best minor league ballparks in the nation, rightfully so with its amazing bay backdrop. It’s a great atmosphere at the games and tickers were only $8. Can’t beat that!

The last days of vacation are always the worst because you’re savoring every hour of being away. Saturday morning I had my first CrossFit experience. Caroline and Ryan are avid CrossFitters and I was excited to join her in her element. Saturday workouts are partner workouts at her gym so like old times the package deal was at it again. It was a great workout and you could definitely tell I was a rookie, but I worked my ass off, dripping in sweat the entire time. The coaches are great there – the one coach would come up to me and alter my form or give me tips on how to do the movements. It’s a great group, I can see why the Bergh’s love it. We hit the showers and headed out to the Pensacola Farmers Market. With crafters and food vendors, there were lots of items to browse. There were lots of honey, jams and pound cakes – maybe a southern treat? We cooled off for a few hours before heading to Caroline’s birthday dinner. She picked The Grand Marlin located right on the beach. With a breath taking view, the food was amazing – sharing lobster mac n cheese to start, scallops and salmon as our entrees, a dark chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert and cocktails to top things off. A full belly and happy heart, it was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Of course on Sunday I was heading back home and leaving was bittersweet. Pensacola treated me well and I was beyond upset my best friend wasn’t coming home too. I know in due time the Bergh’s will HOPEFULLY be moving closer to home, but for now, we continue our long distance friendship, staying in touch with calls, texts and social media. "Invest in people who invest in you." I will forever invest in my sweet Caroline because I know she invest herself in me.

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