Regroup, Refocus, Dominate

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I just spent seven days on vacation with eight of the greatest people on this earth in Ocean City, Maryland. I drank way too many Natty Bohs, had a few too many orange crushes, and soaked in not enough rays of sun. We watched lots of World Cup soccer, had dozens of laughs by the pool and I finally finished a book from my favorite author Emily Giffin. As always, vacation went too quickly - but doesn't it always?!

Tomorrow is back to reality with grown up responsibilities, but more importantly it is my day to regroup, refocus and dominate. I have a hefty running schedule this fall and each day I let go without training is one less day I can make myself better. With the Philadelphia Rock n Roll half marathon in September and the Philadelphia Marathon in November, my training needs to start NOW. 

My official training for my marathon begins on Monday, July 21st but now is when I need to continue my base training, keeping up my fitness. I'll be honest, after my half marathon in Wildwood, I've been pretty lazy. But I needed it. I worked really hard for 7 months, training my ass off. I was exhausted and burnt out quite a bit. But whether I want another week off or not, I need to regroup. 

I need to refocus my mind set and make effort to fully start my training. My training schedule is in my planner from now until November 23rd. For the next 5 months I know lots of my time will be spent on the road pounding away miles, my social life may make me out to look "lame" and my sleeping in won't be there because of early morning workouts. But to be honest, I wouldn't change it in the world. This year I told myself I was going to make it a monumental one with my fitness and I will continue to do so.

I've talked to my family and Taylor and told them I need their support on this journey. I know each one of them are there for me -- they are all in. But I need my friends to be the same. To not pressure me into drinking when I say I don't want to, or to not call me "lame" for leaving early when I need to get up early the next morning to run 15+ miles. Support me, support my choices and be my support system as I DOMINATE this fall. 

GUEST BLOGGER: May Challenge - Y is for YOLO

Friday, June 13, 2014

Meet Summer Springstead

When I first heard the term “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), I thought it was the latest teen abbreviation to join others like LOL, WTF and OMG. I believe it was my dearest college friend, Tina, that first said it to me. I can’t remember the decision I was wrestling with at the time when I was talking on the phone with her, but she simply and frankly said to me, “Come on, Sum. YOLO!”  For some reason, hearing that simple term at that moment in my life stuck with me and is now something I always think about.

If you were to ask Tina, or any close friends or family member to describe me in a nutshell, they would likely include something like, nervous Nelly, plays it safe, likes to be prepared, isn’t a fan of surprises or tries to avoid  “burning the candle at both ends” (along with other silly descriptions like bathroom humor enthusiast).  When it comes to making decisions or plans, I typically air on the side of what’s easiest, simplest and makes the most sense.  However, as I’ve gotten older, YOLO is a term I now try and push myself to think about first.

Being in my early thirties, I pretty much have it nailed down what’s most important to me in life.  It’s very simple, my family and dear friends.  My husband, parents, sister and my sister’s family are the greatest gifts I’ve ever received in life.  My family’s love is the luckiest blessing I’ll ever receive.  My precious girlfriends have always been there through thick and thin and I know if I needed any one of them, they would be on the next flight out to NC.  With friends and family as my most prized possessions, why should I ever grapple with decisions when it comes to having the opportunity to spend time with them or showing them how much I love them?  Of course, everyone’s life is busy, bank accounts aren’t always as full as we’d like and travel requires a lot more effort than staying home.   However, now, when I have a decision on the table that involves someone I love, I’m try and remind myself to seize the opportunity, it might not come around again… YOLO.

The reason I try to keep YOLO in the front of my mind is because of some realizations/life lessons that have become clearer to me as time goes by.

Here are the top three:
 1)  Life is unpredictable—you never know what will happen next
 2) Life is short—time flies-treasure every moment
 3) Seize the opportunity- it might never come by again

So the next time you’re debating over going to a girls weekend because it’s too far away, your grappling with purchasing a plane ticket to surprise your parents that’s a little more than you want to spend, you really want to go to sleep to get a good nights rest before work but your husband has a tight cuddle around you on the couch, you think about saving up work vacation days instead of going to family beach week, or you skip telling someone you love them because you assume they already know…..think YOLO.  Life is precious, live with no regrets and love big. You Only Live Once.

GUEST BLOGGER: May Challenge - W is for Why Me

Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet Shelley Piccirilli!!

I come from a long line of whiners.  My mother and father were both chronic complainers and know-it-alls. I not only embraced these traits, I excelled at them.  At my high school senior banquet, I was runner up to the biggest complainer.  She now has her own very successful business.  There were worse categories to win I think.   I would like to believe that as I matured I handled the “why me” situations with more finesse but that would be a lie.  For me, bitching and moaning is like meditation and yoga for normal people.  What most people find calming makes me crazy.  For example, classical music makes me mental. I also love to get massaged but the rain stick meditation music actually makes me uptight.  I don’t like it.  Not even a little bit.  I would much prefer to hear Creedence Clearwater Revival than tinkly rain sounds.
I am fairly certain I have passed these endearing qualities onto my children and possibly two of my three grandchildren.  It can be a hardship when you really do know everything, especially that one time when maybe, just maybe you were wrong.  That happens so rarely I’m not sure why I even mentioned it.

We all go through challenging times – worrisome medical issues, a bad break up, a fight with a friend or family member, financial difficulties or a job we at one time loved (or at least liked) that we now dread going to every single day.  You may have set milestones for your life and realized you’re running behind or they may never happen.  You may be waiting for that one big break that just never seems to come.  Sometimes we are the victims of situations and other times we are the driver who poorly negotiated the curve in the road and drove off course.  We should learn from these experiences but why does everything happen to me??  Whether you feel like a victim or were the mastermind behind problem, you cannot let the “why me” drag you down.  It doesn’t matter how you pick yourself up, just do it.  If whining lifts you up, do it.  Just hope those individuals to whom you complain really, really like you or are related and are obligated to listen.

I have a dear friend who always asks about my family and then tells me I am truly blessed.  And she’s right…  I am blessed with an abundance of good in my life.  But why do I always pick out something when I’m shopping that has no price tag???  Why does this always happen to me?

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