May Challenge: T is for Transformation

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Merriam Webster Dictionary states...
Transformation: a complete or major change in someone's or something's appearance, form, etc.

As you all know, on September 4, 2013 I told myself I was ready to make a life change and get myself healthy. Of course I wanted to do it for myself, but after seeing several people I love do it for themselves, I actually started believing that I could do it.

Three of my immediate family members have made unbelievable transformations and I am beyond proud of each of them. So instead of making this post about me, I wanted to make this post about them and share all of their hard work they've put into making themselves healthy.

My biggest inspiration was my sister. Missy, like myself, has the terrible Piccirilli genes of packing on pounds in our mid-section, ass and thighs.  Like all Piccirilli's, she had an amazing love for Chips Ahoy cookies, french fries and Dairy Queen. It was in March 2011 when Missy decided she needed to focus on her health to better her life and her children's lives. "I had one of those moments when I looked at a picture and I was like who the f**k is that? And then I was like, oh my god, that's me!" Since 2011, Missy has lost and kept off 57 pounds!!! For Missy it was all about calorie counting and using the app "Lose It!"  to help guide her. As stated on their website, "Lose It! is based on the proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss." During her transformation, Missy went through one pregnancy and has been able to take all of the baby weight off and lose some. Missy, you are absolutely beautiful. You're the most amazing big sister anyone could ever ask for!

The amazingness in my family continued when my cousin Jackie transformed her life as well. As Jackie says, "After college, I realized how fat I got. I also realized to get fit I needed a plan and a routine." So after much research, Jackie decided to try the Whole30 program. What started off as just a detox - through strict no carbs, sugar, processed food or alcohol - it ended up being a way of life for Jackie. She also incorporated spinning class, interval training, tabata class, juicing and running which helped take off the weight. While she is not using Whole30 anymore for food, Jackie still keeps active and stays in check and not emotionally eating. You look fantastic Jackie, so proud of you!!

My cousin Tyler says the Disney Marathon Jackie and I ran back in January of 2012 was his inspiration to lose weight, however I think that marathon is what saved his life. During the Disney Expo, there was a vender who had a fitness booth that calculated your weight, body fat mass, blood pressure and many other health symptoms. After Tyler got off the scale, he looked at all of us and told us the man said he needs to start getting healthy with his lifestyle or his lifespan will not be much longer. Clearly Tyler took that as a wake up call and wasted no more time. Tyler's journey began on January 7, 2012 when his body fat was 37.8%, had high blood pressure and sleeping issues. He could barely walk up the stairs without losing breath. Since January 2012, Tyler has lost an amazing 110 pounds! He now regularly lifts, plays soccer and participates in other physical activities. To me personally, it has been such an amazing journey watching Tyler transform into a brand new human being. I love you, Tyler! You are such an inspiration to me and seeing how much your confidence and spirit has grown has been amazing to witness.

The four of us have had an amazing journey so far and I hope we all continue to better ourselves and our health. I love each of you so much and I am so happy we have all been on this journey TOGETHER. You all continue to inspire me each and every day, and I hope I inspire you equally. Xoxo
"The only thing permanent in life is family."

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