May Challenge: H is for Hog... Jog n' Hog

Monday, May 12, 2014

Some of you may remember this post from a previous blog of mine, but this may be new to some. I thought it was absolutely worth the re-post. I have only had ice cream TWICE in the last 9 months which to me is beyond impressive after re-reading this post and my old lifestyle of ice cream in a bowl every night. I would love to participate in Uncle Dave's Jog n' Hog again but i may only be able to do the Half Hogger. (wuss, I know!) If anyone is looking for the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, this is your race! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

July 15, 2012 

As many of you know, one of my favorite things - if not my absolute favorite thing in life besides family- is ice cream. Today is held extra special in my heart because it’s National Ice Cream Day. But I have to admit, this may be the best celebration to date.

While at work on Wednesday I saw my friends at Visit Bucks County (@VisitBucksPA) tweeted out information on the Jog N’ Hog race series taking place at Shady Brook Farms this weekend.

As I continued to read, I learned that Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream, located right on the farm, was hosting. To me what could be better than going for a run and eating ice cream. As I continued to learn, the race consists of a two mile run, you then eat a quart of ice cream, and then you run back. UMMM WHAT?!?!?!

While I thought this is quite possibly the most sickening thought, I knew I had to do it because this sounds like the most awesome thing I could ever do in my life. who would I sucker into doing this with me?? That was easy --- my running partner, my cousin Jackie, was an obvious yes, and I then forced my sister into doing it (she’s not a runner/never ran a race before) but she was all about it.

Being this run is based on having fun/a good time, the three of us have always called ourselves the three amigos. So to Shady Brook Farm we went as the Three Amigos. (We call ourselves this because we were OBSESSED with the comedy movie “Three Amigos” growing up, we use to watch it almost every day at our Memom’s house.)

The Jog n’ Hog series encouraged people to dress up as pigs, clearly for the race name, but we decided to go a bit off the beaten path. There were plenty of cute piglets along the race.

So at 8:30 a.m. off we went!!! With my sister and cousin beside me we tackled an event the three of us have never done together. (I actually think this is the first thing we’ve EVER all done together in our adult life.) Our sombreros were on, maracas were in hand and our bellies were empty. The occasional talk about hoping to not vomit was also brought up.
The Three Amigos

I could not be more proud of my sister who KILLED the first two miles after not training/really running. She felt great, she looked great. I was so happy to be by her side.

The first two miles were quickly over and as we approached the ice cream station we had about three guys powering their way to the finish line, killing a quart of ice cream and running two miles in nearly 25 minutes. These guys must have really trained. God bless their souls....and stomaches.

The ice cream station was a huge party. Families joined runners as they tackled the challenge of eating the entire quart of vanilla bean ice cream. Other mentally twisted individuals, like myself, brought toppings. I obviously was going to make this thing legit, no playing around. IT’S ICE CREAM PEOPLE!!!

Done and Done!!
So there we stood with several hundred ice cream eaters....some of them looking green and others enjoying themselves. After a few glamour shots with my family, I could see Missy and Jackie were hurting a little bit. Missy dented about 1/3 of her quart...Jackie I am unsure but probably around the same amount. I was pretty disappointed to see the amount of people who cheated. To me, who cares what time you finish! But at the same time I’m happy I didn’t see anyone get sick.

I, however, was in it to win it.

I don’t mess around with ice cream and I sure don’t mess around with an ice cream challenge. About five years back I completed the Friendly’s ice cream 12 scoop challenge. This was going to be a piece of cake.

A quart of ice cream with some chocolate sprinkles and chocolate sauce, and about 20 minutes later, my challenge was completed. My sister and cousin had all the faith in me that I could finish it.

The girls with Uncle Dave himself!
We left the ice cream station and were the last party there (I have a feeling the 15 minute conversation with Uncle Dave, the ice cream owner, hurt us with time a little bit, but I wanted to know the shops history!!!)

So back two miles we went....It was not much of a run but a quick stroll. I seriously had the best time of my life this morning and the ice cream fiesta in my mouth was so worth it!!! It was so nice to finally participate in a race where I was happy the entire time. With all of the races I do they are so competitive and I am too hard on myself. This race was the exact opposite.

The three amigos crossed the finish line together and it was great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces.

The best quote of the day was when a kid asked me how I response was, “I didn’t, I just showed up.” hahaha Our outfits were a hit and I’m glad I made people laugh today.

Thanks Hog n' Jog and Uncle Dave’s Ice Cream have made my national ice cream day a memorable one! 
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