GUEST BLOGGER - May Challenge: R is for Risk Taking: Risk vs. Reward

Friday, May 23, 2014

Meet Caroline Bergh!!!

You hear it all the time…life is full of opportunities—carpe diem—If you dream it you can achieve it—I don’t know about most people, but I do know myself, I am a very logical person who prefers to have a plan and taking a “RISK” makes me nervous and flustered. I am mostly fearful of the unknown, because of the potential to (ugh the dreaded four letter “F” word)…fail.

Yet, I have learned that a life without risk makes for a boring life. As I look back now, I thankful to see that at times when I am unable to plan every detail, in essence, forced to take a “risk”, that things really can turn out quite BEAU-tifully.

I first realized how taking a risk could turn into an amazing reward from my first real “adult” decision…where to go to college.  I use the term “adult” loosely because I was 17 when I graduated from high school and barely an adult when I was making such an important decision that would change the path of my life forever <3.

Due to my type A personality, I had researched many schools based on my interest to get involved in the field of healthcare and to play soccer. I had narrowed my search down to three schools, each in a different parts of the country, all offering me different things. I made my final decision after creating a long list of hand written pros and cons (see type A personality right here) detailing everything from my potential majors, cost, strength of soccer conference, housing, weather and proximity to the beach. I eventually went with selecting Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

I had visited the school on an official visit and gotten to meet my potential future teammates but prior to that two day stay, I did not know ANYONE who was going to school there and it was five+ hours away from home in a new state where I would in theory embark on “the best four years of my life.”  I was petrified that I would not be able to make friends or that people wouldn't like me or I would become homesick or that I would regret my decision to take a risk. I know that the thought of taking that risk at the time made me sick to my stomach and my head hurt from all the potential “what ifs” but as it turns out that risky decision led me to achieve my dream of playing soccer in college where I ended up meeting some of my best friends, while getting a solid education, oh and you know just falling in love with my husband-whom I am so thankful for each and every day and who I never would have met had I not taken a risk.

Another “risk” I took that changed my life forever was when I applied to physical therapy school…in yet another state, Florida. I felt the same fears as I did when I decided to go to ODU, but I reminded myself that sometimes you have to take a risk to achieve a great reward. Physical therapy school at the University of Florida was difficult to juggle with married life, working part-time, and being a puppy parent, but it was so worth it to share 8+ hours over three years with my incredible classmates. I am very grateful to have a top-notch education as the foundation for my new career.  Now looking back on my one year mark from graduation, I am so thankful to have taken that risk!

Risks aren’t just in education/careers, or in love, but I have also taken a risk by trying CrossFit! About 2 years ago my husband told me that I had to come try it with him because it would be something we could do together and it was competitive which is perfect for me because I am VERY competitive. I consider myself to be an athlete and because of my competitive nature I was so nervous to try my first workout because the entire time I kept thinking, "I hope this coach doesn’t think I am out of shape" or that I am weak! Two years later I am happy to say that love doing CrossFit! It has allowed me to connect with people in a “team” atmosphere and build some incredible friendships…and improve my overall fitness and health.

Even right now I am working on two current work related “risks”. I have recently started a new business through Rodan and Fields as an independent consultant for a skincare line and it has been another risk that I decided was worth a try. I am very excited about the process and it has been another great way for me to meet new people and continue to push myself to grow and develop as a person.

 As a full time physical therapist I have taken on yet another risk as a pelvic health physical therapist by attending some pelvic health workshops to expand my knowledge of the human body…this is one risk that I am hoping turns into an incredible reward because it will allow me to improve the lives of so many people who are living with pain and discomfort.

There are always risks that do not turn into rewards, but I have found that if I chose to think logically and optimistically that I can overcome a risk turned fail (I hate that word) and learn from the situation.

Even writing this blog post was a risk!!

I have realized that everyday we take have to take risks. The risk may be small like introducing yourself to someone in an elevator or in the hallway or something large like purchasing a house or leaving your current job to pursue a goal, but I think we all need to embrace risk taking because life is too short to simply sit around and talk about things…each day we need to go out and make today count because you will never get it back!

Thanks to Amanda for encouraging me to write..<3 love you!

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