GUEST BLOGGER: May Challenge - M is for Mosaic

Monday, May 19, 2014

 Meet Margaret Almon!!!

Making mosaics has allowed me to be my strongest most intuitive and free self, and how I am in the studio has informed the rest of my life.  In the studio I respond to color, to light, to a sense of what brings joy to my eyes, and I trust myself.

Perfectionism has been a blight, but in the studio, I am guided by what I find beautiful, not by an illusion of perfection.  Perfect is manufactured.  It does not occur in real life.

In my 20’s I was very clear that I was a poet.  It was a solid identity that I encased myself within. When I realized I didn’t want to write poetry anymore, I felt shattered.  What was left of me?

“You are not broken.  There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you, defective or damaged beyond repair.”    That’s what a therapist told me many times, until I started to believe him.  There is a healthy part in us that wants to learn and grow, and is wiser than all our fears and pain. The shards we see are not a sign of being unredeemable.

“There’s something cosmically right about taking broken pieces and bringing them together in a mosaic.”  That’s what a nurse said as he wheeled me down the hallway for a medical test.  He was intrigued by my work, and I was intrigued by his interest.  Mosaic does resonate with the human heart, and the desire for wholeness.

What imperfect thing do you love?  Where are you free?  I’d love to hear your answers.  Click here to email me.

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