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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meet Emily Benton!

Juicing 101 = Going Green For Your Health

Think eating your daily salad is enough to keep you healthy? In some ways, yes.  But if you really want to maximize your health potential – juicing is the way to go.  If you think juicing is a fad and for hipsters and health nuts, think again.  It’s an essential way to get daily nutrients into your body the BEST way possible, even on top of that salad and piece of fruit you have as a snack.  Essentially you are flooding your body with the concentrated nutrient dense goodness of fresh, raw, unpasteurized juice. Drinking fresh juices can increase energy levels, make your skin glow, help you lose weight and reduce cravings.

Here are my top 4 reasons to juice. 
1) You aren’t getting enough in your diet.  Even if you think you are eating well – eggs and whole grains for breakfast, a salad for lunch, protein bar for snack, and chicken and rice for dinner.  But overall, you still aren’t getting the nutritional value you need daily. When food is cooked,  some of the nutrition and vitamins drop.  Juicing fruits and vegetables will give your body the vitamins it needs in an easily absorbable way.

3 Weeks of Juicing during January! 
2) Greens = life.  Green means life.  Remember in grade school science class when you learned about plants?  That thing called chlorophyll (you mean bore-ophyll a la Billy Madison)?  Well that is essentially the thing that gives life to the plants, helps them grow, helps them heal.  This will do the same for your body!  Juicing is great for disease prevention and disease curing.  This isn’t a whacky medicinal theory, I promise.  IT WORKS!  As a natural detox, you can also drop some pounds from juicing.  In January, I juiced every morning for 31 straight days and naturally lost weight.

3) Good on the go.  I take a green juice as my breakfast in the morning. It takes 3 minutes to make and keeps you full most of the morning.  Fruits and vegetables are full of fibers and vitamins that fill your belly up to get you through the morning. If you start your day off a healthy way you will continue to put good, quality foods into your system the rest of the day!

4) Wake your body up right – having a juice be the first thing you put into your body is your best bet.  It will wake up all your systems the right way.  Green juice > coffee for your morning routine.  Over the last few years I have juiced, I have had so much more energy in the morning.  Try experimenting with 2 weeks of juicing and two weeks not juicing, see how your energy levels are.  It’s a natural way to rejuvenate and detox your body.

There are way way more benefits to juicing every day that I could write a whole novel on (oooo that’s a thought).  As a holistic health coach, I believe in the power of fruits and vegetables.  I believe they can cure and change lives.  Juicing is something everyone should incorporate into their lives.  It doesn’t have to be daily, start with 2 or 3 a week.  Experiment with fruits, vegetables, and seeds and report back! I promise you will enjoy it!

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