RW Salutes our Furry Friends

Monday, April 14, 2014

I was super excited this morning when I saw that Runner's World is paying tribute to our four-legged friends this week. Dogs are without a doubt man's best friend and they make for great running partners.

Here is Gats and I on a night run! Safety is first! 
Little Gatsby and I have gone on runs together and even though he is a small tyke, he kicks my butt!! How long is too long?
We go on short distance two mile runs and by the time we get back to the house he is never out of breath and looks at me with the "what, that's it??!?" face. Do I think Gatsby can go longer? Yes, without a doubt, but I am scared. This is a question I've always wanted to ask the vet.

Curious if your dog is a good running partner? Check out this article from Runner's World talking about the top running dogs. Do any of you run with your pup?

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