May A-Z Series Returns

Monday, April 28, 2014

I am so excited to announce that starting on May 1, I will be bringing back my May A-Z Blog Series. For those who don't remember or may have missed it, last year I created a May A-Z Challenge where myself and guest bloggers wrote themed posts mirroring alphabet letters throughout the month.

After looking at stats and hits on my blog, this challenge had hundreds of viewers over the 31 days. With topics on paleo eating, marriage and health, some of the top blog posts included:

 May Challenge: R is for Races by Jessica Lawlor of
May Challenge: N, O & P - Nuts Online (Dating) Quest
May Challenge: H is for Health by Emily Benton of

All of last year's posts can be found right here on Take Your Pic.

Interested in being a guest blogger for this year's May A-Z Series or know someone you think would be a great addition to this year's posts? Share this blog post with friends or click here to email me asking for more details. Be brave! Take "write a blog" off your bucket list. Share your artwork, write a poem, showcase your photography -- Take Your Pic loves it all!! 
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