Hoppy, I mean Happy Easter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This weekend was a busy one full of excitement, blessings and fun.

On Saturday night I had the privilege to watch my 30-year-old cousin, Jackie, receive confirmation into the Catholic church. After months and months of adult CCD, Jackie was welcomed into St. Anne's Catholic Church in Bethlehem with open arms by several hundred members of the parish. This was the first Catholic (non-wedding) mass I ever attended and it without a doubt was entertaining and interesting. While I do not follow the Catholic religion, it was intriguing to watch the congregation and see how devoted to their religion they are. I had the opportunity to watch the service begin outside with a bonfire. We all then entered back into the church and illuminated the church by candlestick. I had my camera in my bag and wanted to desperately take a picture of how beautiful the setting was, but I thought it was slightly inappropriate at the time. (I'll be honest, I'm regretting I didn't do it!) Not knowing much of the prayers and lines to recite, I had my time to shine during the hymns. Although I do not practice religion, I felt proud watching Jackie receive her first communion. She has worked so hard to get to that point and FINALLY it arrived. Congrats Jackie, the parish is lucky to have a spit fire like you. Xo

Happy Easter!!! This was the first year Missy did not have the kids for Easter. Its been nearly two years and although we SHOULD be getting use to the three of them not being at the dinner table, I don't think it will ever get "easy." But like all other holidays when they are not with us, we press forward with our day. My family celebrated Easter last weekend with an egg hunt and dinner so this Sunday we found it unnecessary to celebrate again. To keep ourselves busy, my sister, mom and myself hit the road and headed to Hershey Park for one of their open spring weekends. The three of us had an absolute blast dodging and weaving throughout the park, going on every roller coaster they had.  All of the thrills, smiles and yells were contagious -- I had the happiest day ever, or should I say the sweetest day. I hope you all did as well!! Xox
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