Three Weekends of Celebration Madness

Monday, August 5, 2013

I’m exhausted. I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted after three straight weekends of traveling, celebrating and drinking/eating wayyy too much. I miss my Gatsby boy and miss being lazy on a Friday night.

All bitching aside, the last three weekends have been some of the most exciting times of my life. I was able to see 6 friends confess their love and commitment to each other, I celebrated one bride-to-be and I was able to show my cousin the best 30th birthday possible.

I slept in four different hotels, drove over 1,000 miles in the Juke and spent over 15 hours in the car with Mr. Shrimp (which honestly I was worried we were going to kill each other – but it was an amazing time….OK confession time: When I was co-pilot I had a three strike rule, three back seat driver comments/out bursts or I was walking home. Luckily he gave me 4 strikes because he likes me, thanks babe).

Every single dollar spent, mile driven and sleepless night was worth it because these individuals mean the world to me. I am so honored each of you allowed me to be a part of your special day and I’m truly honored to call you a friend.  

P.S. – Great bloggers think alike because my best friend Donavan (who also had three weekends of traveling) posted today about being beat from her travels. So happy during our travels we ran into each other (or running into Kyle on the Blue Route.

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