Smoke Room Mysteries ... I'm dying to know!

Monday, July 8, 2013

This may be one of the most random posts I will ever have but I need to get this off my chest and I need to
post it. At every job I have worked there has always been smokers. Most go outside to light up their heaters…like good old Dan Sharer smoking by the old delivery ramp at The Reporter (where I still have my interactions with him at when I pick up pizza for home) and people like this guy Mike who I worked with at Bed, Bath and Beyond smoking behind the building. You go outside, come back in smelling like ass and continue on with your day until you have the urge to go back out again.

But here at my new job, there is a Smoke Room. One after one, they all pile behind this closed door that looks like an office door and they burn ‘em. They bullshit and smoke…they reek of smoke after they get out of there (of course they do, they are hot boxing it in a little room.) But here is the point of the post… I WANNA KNOW WHAT’S BACK THERE BEHIND THAT DOOR!

I want to know what it looks like! Do they have a fan? Do they all sit back there on plastic box crates? Do they have chairs? How big/small is that room? How many people can they fit in there at a time? Are the lights on or off? Do they share cigs or everyone always brings their own pack? Do they have air fresheners? Gum? ANYTHING?!?!

It is seriously the craziest thing, but I get a little feeling of anxiety when I watch them all pile in and SLAM! The door shuts quickly before you can’t even get a peak in there. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Amanda, stop being an asshole and just open the door and look!’ Yes, that would make things simple for me, but to be honest, I like the mystery. I like not knowing as much as I crave to know.

I’ve always been one to gossip and always want to know the “ins” on things, but this simple thing of not knowing what is behind that door while LOTS of our staff does, it keeps me in check. I need to stop being so nosey and get over it. So here I am, confessing about how I want to open that Smoke Room door so bad to solve the mystery, but I’m going to fight the feeling and use this post as my venting source. Cheers to one of the most random posts in the world.

And smokers – lay off the heaters!! They are going to kill your lungs and if you’re my friend I want you around as long as possible. Stop cutting your life short, a lot of us will miss you.

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