Chicken and Waffles: Mama likey!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hey everyone, I’m back!! Let me first start off with saying I’m sorry for leaving everyone to hang over the last month. I did not write ONE post in June – God I suck! Maybe that alphabet challenge took more out of me than I thought – or like I said, I could have just been a crap blogger for a month. (I think it’s more lazy than anything.) But believe me, I am sorry and I had many intentions to write. I’ve been noting to myself posts idea that have come to my mind throughout the month of June, I have over 15 in total. So better late than never, I am back. I’m sorry. Lets blog!

June was an awesome month, filled with activities and adventures from start to finish. I kicked off the month with a trip down to Virginia visiting Donavan (check out her blog) and Kyle. Ashley, Zach, Taylor and I headed down 95 South for a fully packed weekend that included laughter, stories, drinks and fun. Saturday afternoon we headed to Georgetown for an afternoon of walking around and some cocktails. We later in the evening went out to dinner and a roof top bar where we all had a little too much fun, but that is typical with us all.

Now onto my REAL reasoning of this blog post. On Sunday morning we headed into DC and had brunchLincoln – a restaurant on Vermont Avenue that features local and fresh foods on a small plate menu. I’m not sure the portion size of lunch and dinner, but their brunch menu was far from small. Feeling adventurous and craving this item after seeing it on the food network a month earlier, I went outside my comfort zone and ordered chicken and waffles.

OH MY GOD…want to talk about the most AMAZING THING EVER!!! I’ve heard all about the chicken and waffles hype for quite some time and never really got it. Chicken and syrup?? YUCK! But trust me, I get it now. Lincoln could not have made the meal any tastier.

The fried chicken was made to perfection…the outside was crispy and browned, with hardly any grease to it. The chicken breast fell off the bone effortlessly and the moistness of the meat was perfecto. The chicken sat on top of a bed of waffles that were fluffy on the inside, fresh and soft on the outside.

Now to the ‘weird’ part – eating my chicken with syrup. What I expected it to taste like, I’m really not sure, but the combination of the sweet syrup with the salty chicken is an amazing combo (like when you eat pretzels with your ice cream.)

I would describe the taste of the two together, but I honestly can’t. The only adjective that came directly to my mind while chewing it was “smooth.” The butter, chicken, syrup and waffles form into one, giving an even blended taste confusing the senses. Maybe it’s just me, but I hope you understand what I’m explaining when you try it.

I’m itching to get back to Lincoln again to try another one of their dishes (also to buy one of their t-shirts --
they are so cool!!) Everything was great – it was a perfect way to end a perfect weekend with some of my favorite people.

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