Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost a whole month without a post again, I swear I’m not slacking – life has just been TOO busy. I’ve had weddings, bridal shower, bachelorette parties, traveling up and down the east coast. I’m doing my best I promise. On top of it, I have a freelance job I’m working on at nights which I will blog about eventually. But here is a post I’ve been dying to write. 

When I worked at The Reporter inputting dreadful calendar items (yes, I was the poor asshole typing in every event because for some reason we didn’t have an online submission form), I feel like I was ALWAYS adding Bingo nights at local churches. Monday night here, Wednesday night there, Friday nights at this place with Vera Bradley prizes (woo-freakin-hoo!!!)

To be honest when I thought of Bingo I thought of a few old people sitting around playing the game, not really a big deal. BOYYYYY AM I WRONG!

Last month I had the pleasure of experiencing my first night out for bingo. Taylor’s grandfather is an avid player and he asked us to tag along. From the start we made some rookie moves and it continued throughout the evening...or atleast for me, I’m not sure about Taylor! We went to Corpus Christi to play – games started at 6:30, I think we rolled right in at 6:30. Games already started, old people gave us the stink eye as the gym door closed and echoed throughout the whole gymnasium. No joke, there was well over 150 people (mostly over the age of 60) stamping away on their big sheets.

We headed back into this tiny room to buy bingo sheets (which they were already counting the money they collected and we screwed them up a bit.) When I think bingo, I think of small grids you stamp, buy as many as youd like. Right? WRONG! Bingo cards are in sheets – you get this big packet that looks like this picture. In each game you get 9 cards and you play a total of 35ish rounds. When you buy your packets there is a schedule – what the games are worth in money, if it’s regular bingo (straight line, diagonal, 4 corner or postage stamp which is the top right area) or if you have to make a crazy shape (like a letter Z, all outside lines, etc.)

So here I am, sitting at this table, pink ink stamper in hand and the lady starts rattling off numbers. “A 12”..ok ok stamp A 12s…ok one there…ok one ….and another there “N 31!” GOD DAMN IT! I’m not even done stamping the A number!!! Bingo is hard as shit! I could not keep up with what letter was called, Taylor’s mom sat across me stamping my sheet after she was done hers in no time. Haha

About 10 minutes in I told Taylor I will play Bingo when I’m older…the speed at which numbers are called is SOO good for your mental strength – you need to read numbers quick, stamp like a mofo and listen. I’ve never failed more miserably at something in my life then I did in Bingo.

Finally by MAYBE the 6th or 7th round I got in my groove, just in time for them to let you use your “bonus” cards for a round making me stamp my 9 original cards and another 6 on the bonus sheet…sweet Lord I lasted about three letter/number calls and just stuck to the 9 card sheet which I couldn’t even get.

You can pay more money for special tickets that look like lottery tickets (I’m going for them next time, some woman won $600!!!) I’m telling you, this entire event boggled my mind!

Things got REAL weird when certain bingo junkies have special cat calls for certain numbers. One lady up by the stage every time she heard B11 she blew this annoying wood train whistle. Another lady every time the caller read this certain G letter she’d ring some damn bell. My favorite by FAR was when the caller would say O69 and you’d get some giggles out of a few of the old church ladies (KILLED ME!)

Long story short, bingo is tough as hell – my eyes were burning from reading the letters, I had zero luck at winning (I’m bringing a troll next time!!) and the chairs are more than uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll go grandpop’s route next time and buy one of the electrical game boards. Either way, I’m going back, I’m redeeming my winning and I want a fancy sound when a certain letter is called. Any suggestions on a bell/whistle/sound and Ill take suggestions for a letter. GO!

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