May Challenge: K is for Kids Say the Darnest Things/J is for Joy

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I've been getting caught up in life and sadly tonight I need to double up my letters. I'm going to be starting out of order with K first, followed by J. 

K is for Kids Say the Darnest Things
I asked my friends with kids to submit funny/mean/ruthless things their children have said. Thanks for everyone who submitted!!!

Quote of the night from Jack: "When I grow up, I want to start a band and call it "The Buttcracks."

My 3 year old has been on a role lately. He was bra shopping with me - "do your boobs fit nicely in that one?" Came home from preschool & I told him to do something & he responded with "ok toots!" We are going to Disney in August...My 6 year old says "in 3 years" my 5 year old says "in 3 days" I say, "so sorry it is 3 months."

My 6 year old asked this the other week: "The law is 16 to drive. What is the law for a cell phone?" I said there are no government laws on cell phones but mommy & daddy's rule is at least 14. "But I need one now"...why? "To talk to grandma and grandpa."

Okay so when my Jaeden was about three, he said "mommy your legs are fat." I said "Jaeden that wasn't nice, you need to apologize." He says "I'm sorry mommy that your legs are fat."

Me: You have to make breakfast for Mom on Mother's Day.
Max; Why?
Me: It's a Mother's Day rule.
Max: Are you going to Massachusetts to make breakfast for your Mom?
Me: Uh, no.
Max: You have to, it's a Mother's Day rule.

Max wrote a Mother's Day card for his Mom.
Things my Mom doesn't like to do: Cleaning.

My 3 year old is struggling with the concept of the Easter bunny. Some classic questions tonight...
How does he bring treats if he doesn't have hands?
How does he get in the house? Can't we just leave the baskets outside? We really don't want him in the house right?
What if the cats eat him?
Does he look for his shadow before he hides the eggs?
Why is there a guy that dresses like a bunny at the mall? He doesn't talk.

Missy: Oh i'm sorry officer!
Max: I'm not a police officer, I'm a cop!

J is for Joy
According to Webster dictionary...Joy is:

a : the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires : delight
b : the expression or exhibition of such emotion : gaiety
2: a state of happiness or felicity : bliss
3: a source or cause of delight

I'm not going to go into this post too much because it is a huge separate post in itself, but I am happy to say for the first time in a very long time, my joy is through the roof. I made a pact of making 2013 my year and so far I am successful. I can feel myself glowing inside and out --- I'm loving every single second of it.

I will admit,  lately I've been surrounded by a lot of negative energy and I'm trying to block it out to not let it affect me. More than anything, I hope those people can look on the bright side of things (something I had trouble doing) and counter off my energy. Look deep within yourself, see the problem, stop blaming others and start living your life the way you should!! Life is too short to be miserable, find the joy in other people --it truly is contagious.

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