May Challenge: I is for Imagination

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our imaginations -- we discover them as young children and as time builds they continue to grow.

For little kids it's about fighting off Stormtroopers and flying through galaxies (at least that is what goes on in my nephew Jack's head). Or pretending you are battling against a three headed monster through the Forrest of Doom...or playing dress up with your girlfriends as your Barbie dolls have a tea party.

But with age, our imaginations are never lost, they get more realistic. We can create characters and their lives for novels; we hear music rhythms and sounds to write compositions; we imagine the day we get to marry the man/woman of our dreams with every vivid detail; we build in our heads the perfect family we want to someday have; we imagine pure bliss.

Whether it is through writing, music, theater or picture taking -- our imaginations are used in full force -- which actually uses many parts of the brain, too much to type about. Yesterday for Mother's Day I was able to use my imagination, along with my mom, as the artistic side was unleashed.

I gave my Marmee a Mother's Day surprise by taking her to Painting With A Twist in Skippack. Both of us have zero artistic ability with a paint brush, so we knew it was going to be an interesting day. The shop is BYOB and bring your own food, what could be better way to celebrate? If you've never been to PWAT, I highly recommend it.

In a huge art studio we were taught step-by-step to produce our own "May Flowers." Our leader Brian was fabulous - entertaining us with jokes, themed music and some amazing dance moves. He introduced us to our three brushes - Bob, Buzz and Tiny Tim.

With a blank white canvas infront of us, it was time to follow Brian and use our imagination to create a replica of the "May Flowers" he had in the front of the room. Stroke by stroke, mom and I added colors, mixing and matching, light strokes and heavy stokes (mostly heavy strokes for heavy-handed Shell hahah) and before we knew it, our paintings were coming to life.

At first, it looked like a hotmess, but as time passed, our paintings were coming together. None of the paintings looked alike -- everyone having their own style and color preference. It was amazing to see the creativity of each individual in that room. My mind wandered the entire time as I made edits frequently, going off track of the normal course Brian was leading us in. My mind was going...going...gone!

So here they are, our masterpieces we created on Mother's Day 2013. We are the next PICasso's! I hope you had a fabulous time, mamabear. You deserve it. Xo

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