GUEST BLOGGER - May Challenge: E is for Ebay

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meet Jaclyn Smith - my witty, hysterical, fashionita cousin who has took her life of buying into a life of selling. Mall rats and big buck sending is always something her and I did together, but with the hopes of buying a home, Jackie has cut her spending down significantly and focused on selling to earn some extra cash. See how this ebay genius is rocking it, along with tips for you to get started. Cant wait to give you things to sell for me :-D

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a bag lady. Not the mumbling under her breath, pushing a shopping cart filled with empty candy wrappers and old shoes kind, but a tried and true collector. I love shopping as much as the next gal, and its been in the Smith blood since before June Laverne made it a hobby. I cant help myself at the store, I see something I have to have, and then its over. Money doesn't matter when you have your heart set on a new pair of jeans, or a watch that would match your favorite Anthropologie sweater. Although I have come to terms with being an obsessed shopaholic and borderline hoarder, I also on occasion, feel the need to be cheap. I am always coming up with a new money saving idea, or plan, that some how always fails me. Its smooth sailing for about a week, then I end up at Macy’s with a shopping bag over flowing with Clinique and Lucky Brand Shoes at $80.00 a pop, but I digress....

Enter E BAY, my newest obsession. In 2008 I came up with a plan to help my brother, Tyler buy car parts for his then, souped up Scion. I set up an account for him, and Tmoney3333389, was born. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. But, at the time, we were just consumers looking for a deal. Since then, I have been an avid E Bay buyer, finding simple pleasures in discounted Nike workout gear and new sneakers at 60% off what I would pay at DICK’s.

In April, I got the bright idea to try to sell some of my old clothes that I no longer feel compelled to wear. I cant begin to tell you, how much money is just sitting in my closet taking up space. My first E Bay sale was an In Styler hair straightener that at the time, I absolutely needed. It had since, resided in the closet collecting dust. In pristine condition, I shipped and sold that beauty for $60.00. Since then, I have sold countless items that include the following random items, an old bathing suit I never wore, workout bras that I didn't like, jeans that I cant squeeze into and shorts that I am too old to wear.

I love E Bay for many reasons that go beyond the obvious making money. You can find anything at anytime. Its a great place to browse when your board and an awesome place to turn when you want to make some cash :) I can’t say that it has all been smooth sailing, I’ve made a few rookie mistakes so below I will share my tips for E Bay beginners.

1.    List it - no matter how strange, or weird I guarantee there is a buyer on E bay. Don’t think about it, just list it.

2.    Make a fair price and offer free shipping- People don’t troll E Bay to get ripped off. They want a deal! Free shipping will take you far.

3.    Take several pictures of your items and be honest- People wont mind if there is a water mark on the Coach bag they are buying as long as they know its there. The more pictures the better.

4.    Ship Smart- I made the mistake of buying envelopes with padding at the Post Office. Paying $1.89 an envelope seemed cheap, but after a while I discovered polymailers. You have to order them online, but they are worth the trouble. At 10 cents a piece, you cant go wrong and the items get there just the same! Save your money!

5.    Calculate your costs- E Bay has advantages, but everyone wants a piece of the pie. Be sure you know how much you are paying for listing fees, and extras on the site. Pay Pal also charges a fee, for services and shipping and mailing envelopes and boxes need to be factored in.

6.    leave positive feedback- E Bay sellers rely on feedback to make sales and continue to do business. Its best practice to leave feedback. Negative feedback is a last resort, its always best to contact a seller with any problems or concerns before leaving negative seller feedback.

7.    Have fun- E Bay is a great place to buy a car, ice cream scoop or a can of 20 year old cream corn! Enjoy it! Find things you want at a discount, or things you never knew you needed.

If you are thinking about trying E Bay, give it a whirl. It won’t disappoint, I promise  - tmoney333389
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