GUEST BLOGGER - May Challenge: C is for CrossFit

Friday, May 3, 2013

My first guest blogger for this series is Ryan Bergh. A Florida native and Old Dominion University gradate, Ryan was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies after his senior year where he played for their minor league squad, The Lakewood Blue Claws. Since childhood, fitness has always been a large aspect of his life which he now continues through CrossFit. Seeing his phyiscal transformation is inspiring!! Oh, not to forget, he's married to my best friend Caroline. :-D KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK RYAN!!!

CrossFit has changed my life. Simple and true. The ways in which it has enriched my being are many.

Ambitious- helps me always hold lofty goals for myself. Goals that I know I will accomplish
Bacon- Because I can and it'd delicious
Compete- CrossFit has instilled in me the desire to Compete Every Day for the things I believe in
Determination- Keep trying! If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Energy- Always giving the most that I have
"Fran"- ugh, need I say more
Greatness- The feeling you get when you dominate a WOD you thought would dominate you
Health- Making strides to improve my health in everything I do
Idiocy- Why do I do this to myself on a daily basis?
Joy- Sharing time and barbells with loved ones
Kipping- when your not strong enough to do it otherwise
Leopard- Supple I am not. But I'm working on it.
Muscle-ups- One of the more technical movements I can actually do.
"Nasty girls"- Isn't CrossFit lingo fun!
Overhead Squat- from numb thumbs to 245, mine has come along way
Paleo- Meat and vegetables improve health and performance like none other.
Quit- What I will never do
"Randy" - Why else would you want to do 75 straight snatches
Snatch- Mine is getting stronger... I cant wait to get to bodyweight
Time- I never have enough, but I try to make the best of what I have with loved ones
Unity- suffering together through tough WODs can really strengthen bonds
Vibrams- My WOD shoe of choice
Weights- my perception of what moving weight really means has changed significantly
X-ray. Because after you drop a loaded barbell on your foot, you should make sure.
Years- how long its going to take me to be good at CrossFit
"Zues"- One of my favorite Hero WODs

These are a random list of emotions, workouts, movements, and other things that CrossFit means to me. Without CrossFit this list would look far different. Truth be told, I don't want it to look any different. I love what CrossFit has done for me and my loved ones. I am forever grateful that I got involved in this.

Thank you CrossFit!!
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