GUEST BLOG POST: S is for Sewing

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet the wonderful Lindsay (Hill) Smith! I met Lindsay in high school and since we have been in touch with each other via Facebook or taking our pups to the park together. Since day one, Lindsay has always been a creative individual – designing, sewing and drawing everything you can image. Lindsay was blessed to make her hobby into a career as she is now a shop owner in Skippack. Be sure to stop by Stitchwell Fabric next time you are in the Village – take a class or buy some supplies, you don’t want to miss out!

Sewing. You may have taken it in middle school, your mom or grand mom may be able to do it, and you might be wondering, why should I sew something when I can just buy it? It may seem like a stodgy old hobby, it may seem antiquated and out-dated, but I promise it isn’t. Sewing is back, and it is back in a big way. I think we are over the excitement and awe of mass-production and we are getting back to our roots of finding satisfaction in making something with our own hands. And I think we are realizing that our Grandma’s were super cool for making our mom’s clothes, and maybe feminism made sewing not as cool, but I really think it is making a come back. Girls, and some guys, are really seeing the value in hand-made, and they are doing it in a bigger, better, more modern way. Sewing, with all it’s forms, can be an instantly gratifying art form that is both beautiful and useful!

But who I am to say what sewing is and what sewing isn’t? All I can really tell you is what sewing is to me. My name is Lindsay Smith, I have been sewing for the better part of 15 years, and sewing has always been a fantastic creative expression for me. I have always been drawn to fabric. The beautiful colors, textures and the possibility of what could be made with it, there was just so much potential. I started with just a needle, thread, and some scrap fabric. Moved on to my Grand mom's ancient machine, teaching myself all the basics, inspired along the way by project runway and watching New York Fashion Week on E!. I would never consider myself an expert at sewing, just a lover of the the craft.

About a year ago, with love and support of my husband and family, I opened up my dream shop, a little fabric store in Skippack, PA. It is filled with all the fine fabrics I could ever dream of! The shop is meant to be a place of inspiration and busting at the seams (pun intended) with all the tools you would ever need to sew. We specialize in quality quilting fabric.

And you just heard the word ‘quilting’ and you are probably about to leave this great blog. Hang on just a minute, these aren’t your Grandma’s quilts. We specialize in Modern Quilting. Which embraces both modern fabrics and modern techniques to make amazing, contemporary quilts. And really, some of them are works of art. Modern quilting can be described as but is not limited to: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work. There is also a movement called, “modern traditionalism” where quilters are taking traditional designs and making them their new with modern fabrics.

This movement is super fun-loving and not super serious. I mean, how serious can you be with a Ron Swanson Quilt? Love it. But all Rons aside, these quilters have an amazing sense of color and design knowledge. And the best part about these quilts, most of them at least, is that they are not fussy with exact measurements and perfect seams, they are one of a kind, works of art. I think that is what draws me to them the most, mine won’t ever look the same as yours, and that is not only ok, it’s the point!

Along with quilting, modern garment sewing has come a long way as well. While, it isn’t the affordable option anymore, sewing your own cloths can be incredibly gratifying and produce a better fit than store bought clothing. It does take a little wider range of skills, but there are plenty of patterns that are a great for a beginner. And the world of young, fresh pattern designers is constantly growing. Downloadable patterns are the newest addition to this craft and a great way to jump into the modern sewing pool!

I hope this has opened your eyes to a new sewing world. I would love to talk to you more about sewing or quilting come check out our store, maybe learn a new skill, and fall in love with sewing!

Lindsay Smith
Stitchwell Fabric

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