What are your daily constants?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

We all like routines. They keep us in check, make sure we’re on task for the day’s start/finish, and they give us a constant – knowing that day in and day out we will do A, you will see B and you will complete C.

Like many of you, I have my constants every morning – some I can not live without, like my coffee, and some I wish I could live without (like hitting the snooze too many times making me late for work.)

As time passes and our lives change, new constants (routines) fit into our new life. Since my old job at The Reporter and my new job at MCC, I absolutely have new constants every morning. They make me realize if I’m on time for work, some of them make me realize how grateful I am to have people/things in my life, and to be quite honest, almost all of them put a smile on my face despite most of them not even involving ME.

Sometimes it is the little things: like this little guy every single morning when he hears my alarm go off, he taps
me on my shoulder with his paw which is his “Good morning, Mama! Lets go outside!”  Out we go in my pjs, he tinkles and we come back inside where he slumbers away as I get ready for work. Or it’s a text message like this that I get every single morning at 6:13 a.m. on the dot that makes me feel so blessed and loved.

But sometimes, it’s things that don’t even involve YOU.  Like the following people I see every single

Driving behind Bus #200 means I’m on time for work – if I see that #200 I’m smooth sailing for the day and getting done right at 3 p.m. But if there is no bus #200, I will most likely get stuck behind this ass-dragging VW Cabrio who drives well under the speed limit on Old Gulph Mill Road. Seeing that car though reminds me of you, Maribeth Hatalski – thinking of you makes me not realize how slow I’m actually going/how late I now am for work.

The guy who wears all white and bouncing in his step as he listens through Dr. Dre headphones walking down Matsonford Road as soon as I get off the Blue Route. Where he is walking from or to, I HAVE NO IDEA, but the journalist inside of me wants to know him, wants to know his travels and what his story is. It’s an all white athletic jump suit and I want to say he gets off at the train station up the street, but this is me prejudging.

There is also the lady who walks her Labradoddle every single morning down Montgomery Avenue. Doesn’t matter if it is 30 degrees, windy, sunny, snowing, pitch-black out, she and her pup are out there for their
morning walk. The pup is so cute I want to know him.

And last but not least, my favorite part of my morning commute right as I entered into our work parking lot – there is a gentleman who I am going to guess is over 90 years old and every morning he walks down Montgomery Avenue, touches the light post at Haverford Station Road, and gets moving back the other direction. He wears his sweats and hat when it’s cold and wore shorts yesterday with the warm temps. I want to know his route and the distance with how well he is kicking for his age. I want to know his age!! But mornings when I don’t see him (like today) I get a pit in my stomach about if he is ok and healthy. If that old man passes I won’t see him anymore, I won’t know what happened to him. It’s a weird attachment and constant to someone I don’t even know.

So there you have it, my new morning routine. I would love to know some of your routines/constants in your life. Leave them in the comment section!

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