My May 'A to Z Challenge'

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lets be honest – almost all good ideas come from piggy backing off of other great ideas and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing during the month of May for my blog.

My friend Wayne Stratz – co-owner of Nutmeg Designs with his lovely wife Margaret – during the month of April did an A to Z challenge in which he themed everyday with the coinciding letter of the alphabet and showed off artwork, stories, and much more.
After reading and enjoying every post, I decided that was my goal for the month of May. But I wanted to put my own twist on MY challenge. Myself, along with several guest bloggers who I have recruited, will be contributing throughout the month, giving my/their own personal thoughts, stories, ideas and tips using every letter of the alphabet.
My calendar is set and posts are ready to be written. I can’t wait to get May going with this special theme!

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