The Easter bunny is a creeper

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well, the time is almost here for that white furry bastard to come hop into all of our homes, drop off some candy and give us a day where we get to stuff our faces with amazing food – better known as Easter Day. Ok ok, for all my religious readers out there let me pay my respects for the day in which we will be celebrating the resurrection of Christ. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – Amen.  

Ok, and now back to it.

I can remember being a kid and going to Easter Egg Hunts with my sister and cousins (with Jackie, Missy and myself all wearing the same fluffy dresses and colors.) We would go to our church in Worcester and then head right across the street to the Masonic Lodge where tons of kids would line up for the hunt in hopes of finding the golden egg.  We would then go inside and eat lunch, and then sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap --- a creepy looking costume which reeked of cigarette smoke (I’m surprised we never caught the bunny with his mask off outside chain smoking – for all I know they could have been smoking while they were IN the suit. Lots of room in that big helmet head.)

While the Easter Bunny has not come to my house for many years, he resurrected six years ago with my first nephew, Jack. With his brother, Max, and sister, Quincy, the whole gang now has the Easter bunny come to their home AND MomMom/PopPop’s house. The kids go outside each year and pick up plastic eggs that I lay around the yard that my parents fill with dollar coins. They come inside, count their money and play with their toys.

With any holiday there comes humor. This year’s Easter humor came from Max, my 3 year old nephew. My sister posted this Facebook status a week or so ago and it cracked me up:

My 3 year old is struggling with the concept of the Easter bunny. Some classic questions tonight...
Me and my mini me - Maxie
How does he bring treats if he doesn't have hands?
How does he get in the house? Can't we just leave the baskets outside? We really don't want him in the house right?
What if the cats eat him?
Does he look for his shadow before he hides the eggs?
Why is there a guy that dresses like a bunny at the mall? He doesn't talk.

For being only 3 he brings up some very valid points!!

I end my Easter post with the following photos, finding comfort that thousands of other children had/have to sit on the laps of other chain smoking, creeping looking bunnies. Enjoy!! (PS- Happy early birthday to my big sister, Missy, who will be turning 32 on Easter this year. Love you!!)


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