Learning to Love Again

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We all go through heart break – whether it be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a spouse/significant other, a bad break up or feeling defeat.

With all hurting there comes healing – healing to make yourself happy and learning to love again.

Just recently my best friend, Caroline, and her husband, Ryan, suffered a terrible lose with their 3-year-old Boxer, Phillie. An outgoing, adventurous pup who was OBSESSED with her balls– Phillie was man’s best friend, the Bergh’s child and a heartbreaker to many with her adorable face and wonderful kisses. During the summer of 2012, Caroline and Ryan noticed Phillie was starting to drag her back legging causing her toenails to bleed from hitting the ground. With a vet check they said they didn’t notice anything and would continue to monitor. It was then during the late fall when conditions got worse and several tests were taken that they learned Phillie had a tumor on her spin – a health issue that would cause her to lose function on her back legs and control of her bowel movements. Phillie fought a hard battle and her parents did everything they could to keep her comfortable.

To see my best friend experience such a terrible loss, to hear her cry like that over the phone to me, and to feel so hopeless in such an awful situation - it was one of the toughest things I have ever had to experience in my life. Caroline’s heart is my heart, so when she hurts, I hurt.

It has been several months since Caroline and Ryan had to put down their dearest Phillie, but the Berghs will be starting a new chapter in their lives – this one bringing TWO gorgeous sister Boxer puppies into their world – Zen and Kai. Phillie will never be replaced but these two bundles of joy will bring a light in Ryan and Caroline’s eyes again. Just yesterday Caroline and Ryan picked up their newest additions and to hear the happiness in Caroline’s voice again is so amazing.

On twitter Caroline posted:
‏@ceebbee24: Kai&Zen #sleepyboxers #sisters #newbeginning #learningtoloveagain

And this is exactly that – new beginnings, a new journey and learning to love again. This is a lesson to all those suffering – you will yet again experience happiness again with time and healing.

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