Babies are coming, treasure the time now

Friday, March 15, 2013

A few friends and myself were chatting the other night and we were discussing how we feel like everyone and their brother are having kids these days. For the few couples I personally know who just had children/expecting recently, I am more than happy for their new additions, the babies are all too cute for words!!! But all of this babytalk and new additions has me realizing that my time is precious with many of my friends.
Everyone has very busy lives and lots of commitments as life is hectic on a regular basis, but I personally feel like right now everyone should be making a huge effort in spending as much time as possible with friends because before we (well I) know it, all of my (our) friends will be popping kids out soon. Many of my friends are happily married/soon-to-be married and I'm sure within the next 2-5 years they will all start trying to grow their families with new precious additions. I am beyond excited that a new journey will be made for all of them, however it also makes me a little selfish that I should be treasuring all of these precious moments -- going out when I can, hanging out when I can, and making every effort possible to get together. 
That casual Friday Happy Hour will be no longer unless someone can grab a babysitter, sitting around watching Sunday Funday football won't be the same with an infant crying in the background, and a spontaneous trip to Atlantic City won't be happening that easily unless your parents/in-laws are willing to spend the night at your place. Instead of going to bar to celebrate birthdays we will be heading to homes for baby showers and 1st birthday parties with little tikes running around.
Please don't mistake this for me not liking children or enjoying them because as most of you know I love them -- my two nephews and niece are my world and I would do anything for them. At one point in my life I questioned even having kids, but being an aunt has COMPLETELY changed my perspective and I can not wait to have my own family one day. But take this blog post more as an eye opener --- that our lives are flying by and changes are happening rapidly. Personally, and I hope others may now think this way as well, I hope I treasure every second with my friends while I have my early 20s now because with a blink of an eye, your core group of friends will always be your best friends, but with a slight difference - a difference most likely for the better in their life, but a difference that will toss up the whole group.
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