A Good Friday, indeed.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Today is indeed a good Friday for many reasons:

1. There was no traffic on my way into work because everyone is off but me. Flew down the turnpike, flew down the Blue Route -- the Juke was jukin’ it up fo sho! Wish everyday’s commute could be as simple as today. #wakeupPeterPan
2. Today is the start of what I hope to be a great weekend with family and friends. A wedding, a birthday and a holiday this weekend. Wanna talk about some excitement!!! #littlethingsinlife
Sarra and I
3. For all of your religious folk out there, you’re almost there. In just a few days - after a loooong 40 days – you get to eat/drink/smoke/what have you on what you gave up for Lent. As many of you know I’m not religious but I did participate in Lent two years during college with my best friend, Sarra, because I AM great bff. She asked me and I couldn’t help but say yes to those squinty/Asian eyes. Gave up ice cream AND soda. Tough indeed but my body felt great. Should maybe do it again… MAYBE.
4. MORE for all of your religious folk out there: wait no more, as you’re sitting at a restaurant on a Friday night and I am covered in ketchup from my big, juicy cheese burger you can smile and say, ‘oh hell yes, meat is back in my life!’ Eat up friends, BEEF – it’s whats for
5. Most importantly, TGIF. We made it through another work week, we‘re alive and we’re surrounded by tons of people who love us.

It’s a good Friday, indeed. Is it a good Friday for you? 

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