Lace them sneaks up!! It's running season!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well, it’s official. THIS chick is heading back on the running scene with AT LEAST three races for 2013. 

After taking a year break (mainly because training for a marathon took so much out of me and pure laziness) 2013 is the year to make a comeback.

Taking a look ahead, here is what I have in store for 2013:

Broad Street Run - Philadelphia
I just got confirmation yesterday that I was selected in the Broad Street Run lottery for this year. Many people are upset that a lottery system was used, however I was a bit indifferent. If I got in, GREAT, if not I was going to volunteer because that is something I’ve always wanted to do for a race. But after  a little bit of a mishap with my credit card information, I was accepted into the Broad Street Run and will be running it for my third year in a row. While the crowds are massive and it’s a tight race through about mile 4, I can’t help but keep going back. Being able to run down Broad Street and watching all types of people cheer you on – homeless people, churches, drunk college students, company CEOs, parents and friends – and them not even knowing you but still screaming is what makes this race great. From about mile 5 (City Hall) until the finish the streets are completely lined up and it’s just what us runners needs as we push for the end.

CONFESSION: I have yet to actually train for the Broad Street Run, I literally just show up each year and run it. I guess this is the athlete inside me that can just push through it. In 2011, I was hurting REALLY bad after the run. You can see in the videos I have posted. During the run I was fine, but it was post-race where I almost threw up all over, had the shakes and was beyond thankful Shell came to watch because there is NO WAY I would have been able to drive. Last year was an exciting year because my cousins Jackie and Tyler ran their first Broad Street. Great memories!!! Back to my confession, I actually am training this year (haha I hope I do!!) but I found a training program I am going to use, Hal Higdon is the man. With a super busy schedule, a trip to Vegas and a holiday thrown in there, training will be tough, but I’m ready for the challenge! Also, I am super excited because my friend Jess was accepted too and we’ve always wanted to do a race together. YAY!! 

I won’t go too much into the other runs yet but I’m going the Philly Color Run with my best friends and my sister, and also the Philly Rock-n-Roll Half in September with my friend, Amanda!! Great year of running ahead. See you on the streets!!!!

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