I think tattoos are ______.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here are a few of my tattoos
The Philadelphia Tattoo Convention is this weekend and it had me brainstorming on a post in which I wanted others to help me with. I know I could have asked for people to submit photos of their tattoos and tell me their stories, but instead I reached out to my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, asking them to fill in the blank for me:

I think tattoos are _________.

Each person was allowed to respond with one word or many words; whatever they wanted.
Tattoos are an iffy subject: some people think they are trashy, some find them as a form of expression and some people are indifferent. I had a goal of getting 50 responses to this question which I posted on my Facebook status the other night. I only received 27 but I am more than happy with that number!!  It was interesting to see how my friends view tattoos and how each response is so individually different. It truly proves how creative our society is.

Thank you to all who submitted, it was great to see everyone’s view point.
(Please note, I did no edits to these responses because I wanted to share just how they were given. I also did not include names for identity purpose – haha that sounds so professional)

I think tattoos are …

  1. Finally starting to be socially acceptable, a new era for society.
  2. Tattoos are beautiful if they have meaning and sad if they are meaningless.
  3. Tattoos are incredible when they have a sincere meaning. Shows like Miami and LA ink are awesome bc of the background stories each person has why they're getting a certain tattoo. Plus ami james and his crew plus kat Von D are incredible artists. I understand a lot of people get tattooed just because they want one, but when a tattoo has a specific meaning they're awesome
  4. wonderful and horrible, all depending on the circumstance.
  6. I think tattoo's serve a specific purpose and can only be pulled off by certain people and/or for certain reasons.
  7. I think tattoos are an expression of art that tells a story and holds meaning to the person who wants to display it forever
  8. I think tattoos tell chapters of your life!!
  9. I think tattoos are fascinating.
  10. I think tattoos are commonplace and generally uninteresting yet I respect the choices people make about their own bodies/skin.
  11. I think tattoos are a beautiful form of self-expression.
  12. hot on men but trashy on women. Unfortunately, I used to think they were hot on women so in my youth I got six of them:/ Now I'm in the process of getting them removed--three down and three to go. Mind you, the one on my lower back was not referred to as a "tramp stamp" back then.
  13. I think tattoos are a fun and creative way to express yourself.
  14. Tattoos all Have meaning to every one individual differently and have a story behind each one. They help complete someone's emotional feelings of expression. They are also symbols of remembering or embracing thoughts of actions that once occurred or will occur. Bottom line, they are representation of you and should always have a purpose to be on your skin forever. I love tats when they can be on someone's skin that can inspire someone else to have a better day or one person can give the compassion to another person to show their pain or celebration of that symbol.
  15. I think tattoos are therapeutic and can heal emotional scars.
  16. Personal - In the eye of the beholder.
  17. I think tattoos tell a story.
  18. I think tattoos are hot.
  19. Not for me, but I would love for someone to commission a design to have placed on their body.
  20. Forever.
  21. Awesome and addicting
  22. The perfect form of self expression.
  23. Artistic
  24. I think tattoos are the most unique way to truly express your beliefs,sense of self or way you view the world.
  25. Amazing &full of expression
  26. the mirror to ones soul, and if you don't have one you have something to hide.
  27. I think tattoos are walking artwork. I love being able to wear art on my body

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