Buddy System, Vol. 2

Friday, February 22, 2013

Nearly a year and a half ago on my “Pic’s Pounding Pavement” running blog, I did an entry about the Buddy System and how crucial/beneficial it is to have a workout partner with you. Can you get the job done yourself? Absolutely! But having a partner along side of you keeps you reliable, dependable and more apt to show up.

I found a December 2012 article on Philly.com that talks about aiming high in standard for your workout partner. The article states that a “recent study of college-age females at Kansas State University (which) found that people who exercised with a teammate whom they viewed as stronger or better nearly doubled the intensity and duration of their workout.” However, all of the individuals in this study never met their “partner” face-to-face. Don’t understand? Give the article a read!

So here I am 17 months later agreeing with my own blog post and updating it just a little bit. For the last two months, week after week (and consistently which I love!!) I’ve been heading to the gym and the best part about it now is that my best friend, Ash Raff, is my partner in crime with me. 

We have our usual classes we both goto where we save each other spots incase the other is a few minutes behind and also know we will be by each others side. We gossip prior to the class about what we saw on Facebook and who tweeted what. But once the class gets going, we’re both down to business. I’m not sure about Ashley but I’ll look over at her in class and see how hard she is working and use it to push myself if I feel like I’m getting weak or to just kick it up one more notch. It’s also great seeing someone else I know suffering in pain with me as Marsha kicks our ass. (It hurts so good, Marsha! Three weddings – must – look – good!) There is one thing I may enjoy more than just showing up to the gym, I feel lucky that I get to see one of my best friends multiple times a week. Yes it’s only for an hour and we only maybe talk for about 10 minutes of that whole time, but I really do treasure each time we are able to get together. It makes me miss my best friends who are not so close to home; wishing I could be spoiled and see them multiple times a week as well.

So my buddy system with Ashley will continue as long as I keep paying for my membership and she keeps paying for hers. My next venture is to find a new buddy with me starting on Monday because I would love a training partner for the Broad Street Run in May. So if you’re running it, want a partner, I’m your Pic – Partner in Crime. Who wants to be my partner?!?! 
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