It's a fact, dogs will hold a grudge

Friday, January 18, 2013

At the vet last night
Being in the same habits every single day, it’s hard to learn something new on a regular basis. Last night, however, I got my dose of knowledge.

I learned last night that like humans, dogs will hold a grudge/ignore you when they are pissed. I had to take Gatsby to the vet last night for his annual check-up, something I knew he wouldn’t be looking forward to just as much as his mommy wasn’t looking forward to paying the bill.

So we saddled up with his harness on, went outside and he was BEYOND excited to go in the car because that usually means a walk or park time. Sorry bud, not tonight.

So off to the vet we went. Harleysville Vet was PACKED with pups last night. Gatsby got to smell several butts and waved his little tail harder than ever. Before we knew it our name was called. Ohhhh no, I know what this place is was the look on Gatsby’s face as last time we were there a thermometer was shoved up his ass.

The Vet checked him out and says he looks great (that’s my boy!!) and had to give him a shot of fluid up his nose, a shot in his back leg, then she had to draw blood from his front arm (not going to lie, it’s pretty hilarious to see a little tourniquet wrapped around Gatsby’s mini  leg and to see a little vein pop out.) 

Gatsby’s a smart dog and understands that when he sees a needle, he knows he’s going to get pricked. However, he is a lush for food (just like his mother) and I told the vet about the easy cheese trick the vet used last time where he sprayed it all over the exam table and Gats licked away as the doc stuck him with a few needles and he had no idea. Sucker for food, he’s DEFINITELY my boy.

Over $100 later, we headed back home where the fun really started.  He spent the remainder of the night staying as far away as possible from me. He did not look me in the eyes AT ALL and when I said his name he would look at me and cold shoulder me. What I was most sad about was that he refused to sleep in my bed with me (yes, we share the bed) like his usual snuggle bunny self and I know he was feeling a little off because every time he gets shots he gets the shakes and doesn’t feel to well. I just wanted to hug and love him because he was off.

So this morning I wake up – he slept downstairs on the couch the whole night. He wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t let me pet him. It was getting old at this point and I was really starting to feel bad. Luckily he gave in this morning after me chasing him for 20 minutes to put on his leash and go out. (I'm sure as he watched me running around he's saying payback bitch!!) I knew he had to pee or he was going to burst. 

So that is my story about learning how animals can hold grudges just as bad as some of my friends/people I know. #momprobs
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